Transport management systems (TMS), has come a long way from the rudimentary applications with basic features into highly sophisticated systems that facilitate collaboration. Until recently, the main aim of TMS was to help shippers increase efficiency and cut transportation costs by allowing them to choose modes and manage transportation orders. While this is still true today, the latest TMS applications aim to offer comprehensive solutions to deal with the complexities of global shipping business as well as third party logistics by incorporating leading trends like meta-intelligence to improve visibility and cloud services to make the infrastructure dynamic.

Today these TMS applications are not only becoming more affordable; they are also incorporating features to provide comprehensive shipping solutions rather than just the management of transportation.

The next generation TMS is being built on the Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture technologies, which will allow resources to be shared and split, when needed. To meet the ever-increasing demands of tech-savvy users, TMS products are coming with enhanced mobility, improved usability, better optimization, easier integration, and better analytics. They are no longer focused on freight savings measures; rather are designed to improve delivery capabilities, increase warehouse efficiencies, and improve cash flow.

In the last few months a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts including Logistics Tech Outlook's editorial board, have reviewed the top companies in the Logistics domain, and shortlisted some of the pioneering companies who have helped manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers in meeting and overcoming the various challenges related to logistics. The selection panel looked at the vendor’s capability to fulfill needs of buyers with effective solutions that curb these challenges and promote business growth. We present to you Top 10 Transport Management Solution Providers.