Tangentia Commerce Gateway: Enterprise Class Managed Services Cloud EDI

Tangentia Commerce Gateway: Enterprise Class Managed Services Cloud EDI

Vijay Thomas, Managing Partner ,tangentia commerce gateway

Infocon Systems: Connecting the Dots

Deepak Nijhawan, President,Infocon Systems

ProTrans: The Right Toolbox to Logistics Success

Craig Roeder, Founder & CEO,ProTrans

Edisoft®: Optimizing the End-to-End 3PL Workflow

Edisoft®: Optimizing the End-to-End...

Kelvin Takhar, GM & VP,Edisoft®

Unlocking the Potential of Predictive Analytics in the Supply Chain

Unlocking the Potential of Predictive...

Jesse Laver, VP Global Sector Development, Technology, DHL Supply Chain

R2 Logistics: Improving Logistics with Data Reporting

R2 Logistics: Improving Logistics with...

Frank Dreischarf, VP of Supply Chain Solutions,R2 Logistics

Virtual Self- Distribution in Healthcare

Virtual Self- Distribution in Healthcare

Volker Schulz, VP of Orthopedics, Owens & Minor

Paving Ways for a Smart Traveler

Bill Taylor, CIO & Deputy Director, Ohio Department of Transportation

Role of Innovative Technology Taking Center Stage in World-Class Manufacturing Companies

Susan Kampe, CIO, VP, Information Technology, Cooper Standard

The Future of Supply Chain Management

Barb Schwarzentraub, Divisional CFO and Director, Caterpillar Inc. [NYSE:CAT]

FreightVerify: Real-time Freight Intelligence and Visibility for Complex Enterprises

FreightVerify: Real-time Freight...

David McGuffie, CEO,FreightVerify

Safety, Collaboration and the Next Generation of Mobility

Safety, Collaboration and the Next...

Kirk Steudle, Director, Michigan Department of Transportation

inet-logistics: Optimizing Multi-mode Transport Processes

inet-logistics: Optimizing Multi-mode...

Oswald Werle, CEO,inet-logistics

Slimstock: Connoisseurs of Inventory Management

Slimstock: Connoisseurs of Inventory...

Eric van Dijk, CEO,Slimstock