A New Mobile App to Help Trucking Companies with Freight Matches

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

LOS ANGELES, CA: Finding loads ahead of time is a major problem for most of the trucking companies especially for small fleets. ComFreight, a new mobile web app is used by smaller trucking companies find freight matches through their advancing freight matching app.

"The goal here is to help the smaller trucking company or carrier find loads ahead of time and easily setup visibility for existing capacity or free capacity they know they will have in the future and match these spaces up to loads in the commercial freight market," says Steve Kochan, CEO and Co-Founder of ComFreight.

 ComFreight has a user base to help feed the empty truck spaces that carriers and trucking companies are entering or auto-posting into their system daily.

"We decided to re-launch the application as a web app because there is no software to download or install, no expensive load board contracts and user the ease of use for the users of the interface has been simplified to get them to the tools in the web app they need to find loads easily and save them as much time as possible," says Kochan.

Carriers and logistics companies setup customizable alerts for finding freight on or within range of specific lanes and within specific weight and lengths of loads within time windows specified by the users.  If loads matches up to the capacity posts in the system or the user's capacity or available trucks, the users will get instant alerts.

ComFreight does not take a percentage of any freight match made in the system thus allowing it's users to reap the full reward of payment for any load or new customer gleaned from it's commercial freight marketplace. In the coming year, ComFreight planning  to release many more tools  including a  more robust freight rate index tool to help companies determine if they are getting paid what the market rate is for a move as well as better user interface for it's growing segment of mobile users who are often times looking for loads from their smart phones.

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