4 Benefits of Automation in TMS

Logistics Tech Outlook | Monday, September 13, 2021

The potential to implement a transportation management system to automate core functions within the logistics organization is a competitive advantage.

FREMONT, CA: Perfectly executing the movement of freight, product, and resources in a time-efficient manner is a significant hurdle that many logistics companies find themselves running into. With the transportation of products and freight being one of the expensive components of the supply chain, operations managers are scrambling to effectively reduce their overall costs of the operation. This where TMS and automation become vital components of logistics operations. Here is more about the automation deployment opportunities in TMS.

Reduced Error

Cost is one of the greatest concerns about the logistics of freight. Logistics automation can be integrated with the ERP system and access to address book and automatic storage and fuel surcharges and accessorial entry. This avoids the need to manually enter the wrong data and keying in the wrong data. Ultimately, this will result in cost reduction and the faster, enhanced transport of products to the desired consumer.

Better Customer Service

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Customer service is a vital aspect of the logistics sector. With the failure to deliver on time, customers will find themselves searching for other potential competitors that can fulfill needs in the timeframe requested. This is why getting products in the timeframe requested is an absolute need. With logistics automation in a TMS like real-time tracking, auto-pick up, and more, logistics firms and the consumer will be on the same page regarding cost and delivery.

Organizational Control

With logistics automation features in TMS, firms can take control of their operation and overall freight management. TMS is flexible enough to accommodate custom firm business rules, yet is powerful enough to enforce all users, both internal and external, to follow policies that assure efficiency increase.

Increase in Speed

With logistics automation features, there will be no additional resources required to manage logistics, freight, and transportation departments, even as the business grows and ships more freight. As the company grows and ships more freight, TMS will easily input new users into the system and manage them easily.

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