Arvato Systems and tiramizoo work together for seamless...

Arvato Systems and tiramizoo work together for seamless digitalization of decentralized logistics

Logistics Tech Outlook | Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Munich - For brick-and-mortar retailers, same day delivery and instant spare parts service are key aspects of comprehensive customer service: Integration of route planning technology from tiramizoo into the “platbricks” warehouse management solution from Arvato Systems allows for seamless digitalization of the shipping process – from warehouse to end customer.

Proximity to customers, transparency regarding decentralized stock, and optimized last mile logistics allow each and every retail store and wholesaler to offer customer service that outstrips offerings from centralized eCommerce retailers.

Arvato Systems and tiramizoo, both specialists in decentralized warehouse logistics, have combined their strengths to create an IT platform for the operation of local hubs with integrated logistics IT: When customers order online from retailers, they expect on-time delivery, and they want replacements for defective devices to arrive as soon as possible. Goods are stored in local, decentralized hubs and delivered the same day, while defective devices are retrieved from customers immediately – and all that is possible thanks to the cross-process IT solution from Arvato Systems and tiramizoo.

“Our aim is to run a retail supply chain that is agile and digital from end to end, allowing us to build new services all the way to the end customer,” explains Bernd Jaschinski-Schürmann, Head of Digital Supply Chain Management at Arvato Systems. “With our cloud-based warehouse management system “platbricks” and route planning from tiramizoo, we are closer to achieving that goal. Retailers can provide the premium service of same day delivery and keep pace with the competition.”

“Customers expect fast and convenient delivery service, whether they order from eCommerce sites or brick-and-mortar retailers. Local hubs keep businesses close to their customers geographically, so it never takes long to reach them. Whether businesses are shipping products or offering instant replacement of defective devices, Arvato Systems and tiramizoo have the right IT-solution for every wholesaler and retailer,” adds Martin Sträb, CEO of tiramizoo.

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