Barventory Launches Suite of Patent-Pending Products to the Marketplace

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Hamilton, Ontario – Barventory recently introduced its patent-pending Keg Scale, Bar Top Scale and its introductory software package to the North American hospitality industry; converting legacy inventory management systems into an engaging & accurate digital experience.

Barventory provides leading edge technology to licensed establishments with an emphasis on bars and restaurants. It offers an exclusive, patent-pending bar top scale with a built-in scanner that syncs to a digital app. This intuitive app has a built-in database containing thousands of barcodes of today’s leading liquor products so you don’t have to spend hours manually inputting your bars inventory. Your liquor inventory is then tracked in our robust, cloud-based inventory management system that can be accessed in real-time by your brands leadership team from anywhere in the world through their phone, tablet, or computer.

Barventory has also revolutionized the beer keg inventory market with our exclusive, patent-pending keg scale technology that continuously monitors, in real-time, how much alcohol is left in your keg. Simply place one of our keg scales under each of your kegs and set them up in your Barventory app in just minutes.

All of this intelligent technology is 100% accurate down to the last ounce.

With Barventory’s advanced reporting tools, you’re able to be pro-active and detect potential problems with one, powerful solution. The Barventory system also includes a robust suite of features including staff scheduling, so you can manage not only your inventory, but your team as well.

The Barventory result is a single dashboard for your entire bar or chain of brands, with a powerful one-of-a-kind system designed to reduce waste, save time, improve yield, and provide data intelligence that will help grow your business and enhance your vendor partnerships.

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