Blackline Builds Anti-Diversion Platform to Curb Grey Market

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

CALGARY, AL: Blackline, wireless location Technology Company rolls out a new product that aid in management of so-called product diversion, or Grey Market, surveillance operations. Known as Blackline Spectrum, anti-diversion and logistics platform was developed on request for a flawless solution by a food processing company.

Bloomberg in a study recently revealed that losses from product diversion touch up to 63 billion dollars each year in North America. Consumer electronic goods and pharmaceuticals to foods are susceptible products being diverted to non-authorized resellers within distribution channels. This has grave results as consumers misunderstand Gray Market goods as being genuine and causes drastic financial impact to the manufacturer combined with the potential for negative branding and reputation issues. 

"We understand that the IT industry alone loses nearly $5 billion in profits to Gray Market activity each year. Our Blackline Spectrum solution is one that will help companies avoid loss of revenue not to mention help to maintain the strength of their brand and reputation," says Blackline CEO, Cody Slater. "The Blackline Spectrum system, combined with our portable tracking products, will enable leading organizations to study the movements of inventory within their distribution network and reduce loss."

The new platform helps in tracking shipments of goods around the globe, receiving instant notifications if a shipment enters a prohibited area or does not arrive at its intended destination on time allowing businesses to detect and take corrective action immediately.

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