How to Improve Automotive Safety

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Automotive With the advancement of vehicular technology, the need for providing safer and efficient vehicles increases. Automobile companies are trying to deliver the highest quality with the auto-vehicles. Vehicles are put through crash tests to deliver the best and safest vehicles to sell. Vehicular technology today is upgraded to not only deliver services to our everyday life but also for efficient transportation, a safer environment, and profitable industries.

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Nowadays the major automakers are currently developing autonomous technologies and solutions for their future autonomous vehicles. These technologies introduce vulnerabilities in cybersecurity that require assessment techniques to ensure the safety from cyber attacks. Following are some the ways to make safe the auto tech:

Vulnerabilities: Vulnerabilities increase as connectivity evolves, and software and hardware systems become complex. People want vehicles with more complex, autonomous, and technological features which grow the possibilities of vulnerabilities. Companies should make technologies in vehicles reasonably safe as the vehicles have to take responsibility for peoples’ lives.

Assessing: The vehicle manufacturers should integrate a wide array of different systems and be tested within the vehicle as a whole system. Because a vulnerability in one system can permit an attack to spread to other systems with the vehicle. Technologies are used to reduce design and manufacturing time to carry-over issues and concerns from one field to another. 

Strong security: Vehicles need stronger and better security. Companies should concept a foundation of technologies that provide more inherent security, transparency, and immutability. They should ensure the control between vehicle and cloud. And if the cloud is compromised the car should still be safe.  

Sensor manipulation: Autonomous vehicles are sensitive to sensor manipulation and there is no need for machine learning to train the vehicles. The algorithm cannot make vehicles completely safe from a theoretical modeling standpoint. 

Solutions: Fundamental architectures should change to allow hack detection. The automotive environment requires unique solutions to address issues as low bandwidth, limited memory, low power operating, or non-centralized operating environment.

Advanced vehicle technology should follow multi-layered cybersecurity defense and testing approach to assess the cyber-risks and protect every connected and autonomous vehicles.    

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