Top 5 AI Applications Used in Logistics

Top 5 AI Applications Used in Logistics

Logistics Tech Outlook | Monday, June 07, 2021

The logistic industry uses advanced technologies like AI as it offers a wide range of benefits, starting from autonomous machines to predictive analytics.

FREMONT, CA: Logistics is one of the industries that is being transformed by artificial intelligence. The management of the distribution of products between different locations is referred to as logistics. Logistics operations are complicated by a global network of suppliers and customers, and the companies encompass both simple tasks that can be automated and complicated processes that can profit from AI or machine learning algorithms.

What does AI mean for logistics companies?

From autonomous machines to predictive analytics, the technology provides logistics organization with a wide range of abilities.

The logistics sector has primarily used artificial intelligence (AI) for four business functions: service operations, product and service development, marketing and sales, and supply chain management. These four business units account for almost 87 percentage of AI adoption in logistics.

What are the applications of AI in logistics?


Logistics needs extensive planning, which includes coordinating suppliers, customers, and various company units. Machine learning solutions can help with planning because they are good at scenario analysis and numerical analytics, essential in planning.

Damage detection/ visual inspection

Dissatisfied consumers and churn can result from damaged products. Businesses can use computer vision technology to detect damage. Companies can assess the extent of the damage and the type of damage to take measures for preventing further damage.

Autonomous things

Autonomous things are devices that operate without human intervention and rely on artificial intelligence. Self-driving cars, drones, and robotics are examples of autonomous things. As AI is suitable for the logistics industry, companies can expect to see more autonomous devices.

Delivery drones

Delivery drones are helpful machines for product logistics when companies deliver products to locations where the ground transfer is not possible, safe, reliable, or sustainable. Delivery drones can help businesses decrease wastage costs and avoid investments in expensive storage facilities, particularly in the healthcare sector, where pharmaceutical products have a short shelf life.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance is the process of predicting potential equipment failure in the factory by analyzing real-time data from IoT sensors installed in machines. Machine learning-based analytics tools improve predictive analytics by identifying patterns in sensor data, allowing technicians to intervene before a failure occurs.

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