Video-Based SmartChoice Program for Safety; Changes Overall Driving Experience

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, May 11, 2018

PHILADELPHIA, PA: SmartDrive Systems, a recognized driving performance solutions provider introduced the SmartChoice Program, a unique video-based safety initiative that offers scope to customize optimal level video protection according to the business demands.

The software acts strikingly in the service of each fleet’s necessity, be it safeguarding driver by coaching risk measures or averting collisions with 360 degree visibility to threats. The program combines SmartDrive Shield and SmartDrive Defender along with the SmartDrive Assurance with high-scale flexibility in video-based safety operation and a 'start now, upgrade at any time with existing hardware' agenda.

Outlined below is how with SmartChoice program, fleets have the authority to adopt any of the three beneficial product lines:

SmartDrive Shield: This is specifically designed for the fleets that have owner operators or which are not yet ready for integrated coaching. It models a single true road-facing camera in addition to the on-demand video offload and easy-to-use review operations. The technology aims at recording each and every collision with clarity that gives drivers, the benefit to act on issues related to security incidents and delivery verification.

SmartDrive Defender: The two camera architecture provides road facing and cab views, with automatic video offload, risk scoring and integrated coaching. It is modeled for safe guarding drivers from high risk threats that include speeding, lane departure, hard braking and collisions. Its video reviews and analysis prioritizes the most relevant events to coach and improve driving skills.

SmartDrive Assurance: It is primarily formulated for fleets, by keeping safety and protection constraint as the main focus. Furthermore, the installation of up to four cameras ensures users to gain in-depth insight of the collision with detailed visibility of the surrounding. It provides a wide-angle coverage and 360 degree view of critical incidents such as U-turns, backing, unintended lane changes, roll-overs and close following.

SmartDrive Technology: This is a multi-tiered flexible video service with resilient features that enables fleets to locate and mitigate unsafe driving with an extended platform, integrated video, vehicle data, audio and driving data for a comprehensive view of risk.

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