What's the Number-One Priority 3PL Warehouse Companies Should Make to Stay Competitive

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Cloud-based WMS platforms make it seamless for warehouses to handle inventory, automate routine tasks, and offer complete visibility to their customers.

FREMONT, CA: Since labor is the most costly business component, businesses should start there. Smartly planning the resources to best suit the company's requirements and the firm's digital transformation and customer experience objectives is paramount. Outsourcing mobile devices' management is one of the most effective means to free IT resources for value-added projects. Service experts can manage everything from optimized device roll-outs to MDM management, spare pool, and help desk.

There is a shortage of technical labor available to IT teams. With a push for digital transformation and a larger number of channels to handle, IT and operations leaders must think about resource management. Managed services can help relieve the hurdle around mobile IT management so that internal resources can be freed up to continue to innovate. The second is security. With all kinds of mobile devices thriving in the network, IT leaders must be prepared to keep firm and customer data secure. Managed services can review device data and ensure the right patching and security updates are managed appropriately. There is a critical need to change how firms procure technology. The as-a-service option for devices and support services so IT can handle a monthly expense vs. a CAPEX one and so that the firm can be better prepared for refresh cycles and new technology requirements.

Android as an operating system rolls out a host of benefits. Counter to several beliefs, and Android is more secure than legacy Windows Mobile. Android also enables the proliferation of enterprise applications to be served upon one device. The traditional RF scanner can now be a multipurpose tool to fuel productivity, including voice potentials. The mobility edge platform ensures security updates will be available for the device up to Android R and beyond. The proven WMS technology backbone for 3PLs looking to rapidly transform paper-based, error-prone firms into service leaders who can focus on customer satisfaction, function more efficiently, and evolve faster.

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