Why Choose Zero Modification Warehouse Management System?

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Thursday, November 19, 2020

Zero modification WMS will reduce support and maintenance costs and allow for easy upgrades to keep the WMS current and modern throughout its lifespan.

FREMONT, CA: In today's fast-paced economy, efficiency in receiving, storing, and shipping products has never been more essential. Modern warehouse owners and operators worldwide experience an increased demand for supplying well-priced goods to a market, hoping to speed from order placement to delivery. Competition to supply and to serve the market have become fiercer. To profitably compete in today's world, firms must have a first-class warehouse management system (WMS). Recent research released a report on the major features to look for when buying a WMS. The features firms should seek in a WMS will help keep costs down and guard WMS investments' value. When purchasing a new WMS, the significant feature to look for is its flexibility and potential to stay modern without being completely customized for the needs. That is a zero modification WMS.

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The more a WMS needs to be customized from its original state, the more expensive it will become to purchase and maintain. This raises ongoing support costs. Modifications and upgrades become time-consuming and costly. The high costs of implementation and maintenance can make it harder for a business to walk away from a high sunk cost and move on to a different WMS. This results in a continuing cycle where consumers can be left marooned with customized systems that could not grow with changes in the specific business or the industry.

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In light of this, the entire industry has been moving towards zero modification WMS to control costs and increase flexibility. Instead of customizing the WMS source code, technology now lets for embeddable scripts created by the WMS providers that are seamless to update. Upgrade times and costs dip significantly as a result, as do support costs. Faster and reliable support for the system also means reduced downtime and less time dealing with customized issues.

WMS vendors are constantly adapting their systems to keep up with industry alterations and new technologies. Adding new and enhanced core functionalities like billing and reporting is simple with a zero modification WMS but could be almost impossible with a heavily customized system. Modern systems can better adapt to business rule changes through tweaks and refinement rather than wholesale coding changes. With a zero modification WMS, business systems will be flexible enough to remain modern throughout their lifespan.

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