Next Stop: Collaborative Freight Management Software Development
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Clint Pollard, Senior Manager, Transportation Solutions, The Home Depot

At The Home Depot, our Orange Promise is that we deliver the most convenient experience at the best value for our customers. These customers include a vendor scheduling freight pickup, a contractor scheduling a job site delivery or a...

Role of Innovative Technology Taking Center Stage in World-Class Manufacturing Companies
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Susan Kampe, CIO, VP, Information Technology, Cooper Standard

The starring role in any manufacturing company belongs to the products that are produced. However, the supporting cast, especially information technology (IT), is quickly coming out from behind the scenes and taking center stage to ensure...

Freight Audit and Recovery: The Secret to a Smart Supply Chain
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Scott McDevitt, President & CEO, Translogistics

Does your shipping department regularly audit its freight bills? Research from Texas A&M suggests that more than 80 percent of shippers overpay for their freight. Without regular freight auditing, the volume of overpaid or fraudulent...

nVision Global Technology Solutions: Meeting Tomorrow's Needs Today
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Luther Brown, Founder & CEO

nVision not only provides a prompt, accurate freight payment solution but, industry-leading information management services necessary to help organizations maximize efficiencies within their supply chain...

Global Transportation Management Solutions: Simplifying Spend Management and Shipping Optimization
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Gaylynn Shaw, CEO

Provides a web-based transportation management system that helps the customers manage their logistics spend from shipment creation all the way to payments

nVision Global: Freight Invoice Auditing and Payment Processing at a Global Scale
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Luther Brown, CEO

Processes, audits, codes, and remits freight payment for companies at a global level, with web tools that streamline supply chain operations

Traffic Data Exchange: Streamlining Supply Chain
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Timothy Kenny, President

Offers accounting, analytics, and supply chain logistics consulting to help clients optimize their total freight operations

Johanson Transportation Service: Managing Freight, Delivering Service
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Larry Johanson, President and CEO

Provides cloud-based TMS, FreightOptixx, a holistic solution for online-based freight management

Johanson Transportation Service: Complete Freight Activity Control
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Craig Johannson, VP-Logistics

A third party logistics provider helping companies manage their supply chain with Justified Timely Solutions® that meet their unique business challenges

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