Shipcom Wireless: Managing Every Move across the Streamlined Supply Chain
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Abeezar Tyebji, CEO

Provides integrated supply chain execution software solutions, focusing on automatic identification and data collection, RFID and enterprise mobility markets

RateLinx: Powering Freight Intelligence
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Shannon Vaillancourt, President

Provides customized logistics management software that offers actionable data without requiring expensive IT investment

Fishbowl: Warehouse Automation Simplified
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David K., Williams CEO

Offers ideal warehouse management solutions for SMBs

SupplyOn AG
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Werner Busenius, Director, Sales

SupplyOn is the shared supply chain collaboration platform for organizations to manage business processes with their suppliers and service providers across continents.

MercuryGate: Ideal Combination of New Technologies and Real-World Dynamics
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Monica B. Wooden, CEO and Co-founder

Gives shippers and logistics service providers the power to control multimodal, international shipments from any origin to any destination

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