How is Smart Technology Revolutionizing Fleet Management?
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The emergence of robust smart fleet management solutions has enabled logistics organizations to enhance driver safety and improve efficiency. FREMONT, CA – The logistics sector is evolving with the integration of emerging technologies....

The 3 Pillars of Fleet Risk Management
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By facilitating vehicle inspection, driver safety, and automotive compliance, fleet management organizations can ensure seamless operation and eliminate unnecessary compliance costs. FREMONT, CA : A robust fleet risk management system is...

How Far is AI going in the Transportation Industry?
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FREMONT, CA: With the advent of industrial metamorphosis, the automotive industry has seen a remarkable transformation in appreciation to artificial intelligence (AI). The integration of AI and machine learning in the automobile...

How to Improve Automotive Safety
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With the advancement of vehicular technology, the need for providing safer and efficient vehicles increases. Automobile companies are trying to deliver the highest quality with the auto-vehicles. Vehicles are put through crash tests to deliver the...

IoT applications for businesses and benefits for the fleet industry
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Automotive fleets are essential to many businesses including fleet management. Before the emergence of connected device technology fleet business was relying on crude communication systems and outdated data storage techniques. As vehicles become...

Integrated Mobility: Future of Transportation Industry
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The Human race is experiencing the biggest technology boom till date which is covering every sector and industry under its umbrella. One such industry which is briskly undergoing the change is the transportation and logistics industry. With...

Paving Ways for a Smart Traveler
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Bill Taylor, CIO & Deputy Director, Ohio Department of Transportation

How would you describe the role of a CIO today? A CIO today is much more business-directed, than strictly technician. We are a liaison between the business, executive leadership and the technical people who make it run. As a leader in IT,...