Trends That Mold The Logistics Sector
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Automation and the Internet of Things imply that the process complexity often found across definite points of logistics operations can now be streamlined for efficient operations. Emerging hardware and software like asset and sensor tagging...

The Ever-Changing World of Logistics-An Investor's Eye View
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Chris Habachy , General Partner, Charge Ventures

1. In the light of your experience what are the trends and challenges you’ve witnessed happening in the Logistics Tech Startup space? We are witnessing a real unprecedented disruption in the global logistics industry fueled by the...

Technological Innovations in the Supply Chain. Supply Chain Analytics
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Michael L Schoenfeld, Senior Vice President, Head of Contract Logistics- USA, DB Schenker

While the third quarter for 2019 is winding down, there’s never any slowing in the world of the supply chain. This has been a unique year full of diverse, interesting developments affecting global trade. When it comes to technology, some...

Intelligent Audit Joins the Ranks of BiTA
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Hannah Testani, Chief Operating Officer

The incorporation of blockchain technology will enable organizations to introduce greater transparency and efficiency into their freight auditing process. FREMONT, CA: The logistics industry is going through a revolution fueled by the emergence...

The Potential of Blockchain Technology in Freight Auditing
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The incorporation of blockchain technology will enable logistics companies to streamline the freight auditing process and introduce transparency. FREMONT, CA: The logistics industry is almost a stranger to blockchain technology when...

Is Blockchain the Next Supply Chain Technology?
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Blockchain is increasingly becoming a buzzword in the supply chain landscape, but often the focus is on the substitution of existing applications. FREMONT, CA: Leading companies have mostly employ supply chains and sales and operations planning...

Influence of Growing Blockchain Fatigue on Supply Chain
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Blockchain technology has gained a lot of exposure from the supply chain sector, but with it comes blockchain fatigue. Supply chain leaders are failing to find suitable use cases for blockchain technology mainly because supply chain blockchain...

The 4 Tech Trends Revolutionizing the Global Logistics Sector
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The integration of emerging technologies will enable the logistics sector to streamline its supply chain operations, at the same time introducing transparency and visibility. FREMONT, CA: The logistics sector is undergoing a rapid...

Pairing of Disruptive Innovations Impacts Logistics Management
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The technological disruption has transformed the working process of logistics companies, whereas the combination of these advancements are helping to enhance the logistics management. FREMONT,CA:  The technological disruption has...

Technology Impact on Food Distribution Industry Reforms their Supply Chain
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The supply chain industry is focusing on implementing new technologies in its network that meets the demands of the consumers and food producers. FREMONT, CA: The technology influence on supply chain industry has reinvented their process of...

Technology Trends in the Final Mile - What's on the Horizon?
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Todd Wiegand, Vice President of Information Technology at TForce

Data privacy, technologies that help final mile companies work together and real-time delivery status information are three technology trends that will shape the industry over the next 12 months. These predictions came from two CLDA members and...

Blockchain-IoT Duo is Revamping Supply Chain!
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The integration of IoT and blockchain can disrupt the traditional supply chain with the incorporation of a transparent, decentralized smart contract ecosystem. FREMONT, CA: Blockchain technology in integration with the internet of things (IoT)...

The Rising Technological Trends in Logistics
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The globalization has revolutionized supply chain and logistics industry, which is now seeking to implement a value-based approach to enhance the consumer experience. FREMONT, CA: In the age of the great Roman Empire, the most effective form of...

Blockchain Uncloaks Supply Chain Management!
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The implementation of blockchain enables complete transparency across the entire chain of managing the transport goods and services, including manufacturing, insurance, repairs, recalls, and other aspects. FREMONT, CA – One never gives a...

Orchestrate End-to-End Visibility with IoT and Blockchain, Learn how!
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FREMONT, CA: Logistic supply is one of the world's largest industries. The constant drive for logistics in each sector and the growing distribution and division of labor and goods worldwide have made logistics an extremely crucial...

Blockchain for Improved Supply Chain Transparency
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FREMONT, CA: The latest blockchain progress can provide more transparency for the management of the supply chain. The distributed encryption-safe leaders offer the perfect platform for supply chain managers to distribute material that cannot be...

Strategies to Streamline Supply Chain Processes
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The global supply chain and logistics industry are experiencing significant advancement because of the introduction of new and innovative technology tools. Many companies in these sectors are equipping themselves with innovative technology tools...

Impact of Machine Learning on Various Sectors
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Automation is the key for businesses to increase their productivity and boost growth. Companies around the globe are increasingly switching to automation-related tools and software to optimize their workforce. Automation tools can complete...

Continued Evolution of Supply Chain Finance Promotes Business Opportunities
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Unlike regular finance, supply chain finance is a technology-driven business process. Connecting the buyer, seller, and the financing corporation together, supply chain finance is a combination of business and financing operations. While...

Digital Logistics in Action: A New Age in Supply Chain Management
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Andrea Ricciarelli, Senior Director, Center of Excellence, SAP

Since the beginning, logistics has always posed challenges for supply chain managers, from monitoring stock levels to efficient customer delivery. We are living in a world where industry boundaries are blurring as companies look to reimaging...
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