The Future of Supply Chain Management
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Barb Schwarzentraub, Divisional CFO and Director, Caterpillar Inc. [NYSE:CAT]

With the ever-changing demands of the millennial customer in the marketplace, I see the landscape of supply chain management having an immense and spatial potential to excel in the global trade network. Especially, with the advent of neoteric...

Smart Infrastructure for Supply Chain Management
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Daniel Cavallin, CIO, Celistics

The term “logistics” has its roots in the Roman military, but when we talk about “supply chain”, it is a relatively new term, dating back to the 1980s. It is essential to understand the concept first before innovating or...

Beyond Alignment Partnership is the Path to Delivering Business Value
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Scott Strickland, CIO, DMH Global

Analysts, experts, and observers of ten encourage CIOs to be aligned with the business. I disagree. Alignment is just the first step to a partnership relationship that allows real change. Let’s look at what it means to be aligned versus what...

The Importance of Relationships in the Digital Age
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David Beckerman, SVP & CIO, The Pasha Group

The fundamental technology value proposition is enterprise competitive differentiation and innovation. The value is strengthening the customer experience, enabling operational excellence, introducing disruptive products and services and driving...

An Insider's Guide to Acquiring TMS Technology
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Mike Mulqueen, Partner, Transportation Strategy Practice JBF Consulting

Over the past 25 years, I have had the good fortune to work with some of the largest and most sophisticated shippers and transportation service providers in the world. Many of these shippers and 3/4PLs have first-rate transportation operations...

Keeping up with the Dynamic World
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Dan Bentzinger, CIO, MIQ Logistics

The Impact of Cloud It has been our long standing belief that software should be provided through a browser or mobile device. The savings are undeniable. Unlike the old days, each participant is no longer required to purchase, configure, and...

Savant Software: Scalable Supply Chain Solutions for Success
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Chris Jackson, President

Delivers software, and implementation services to the supply chain industry

Profit Tools: Injecting Real-time Automation and Insights into Complex Work Environments
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Brian Widell, Owner and President

Profit Tools, Inc. delivers the trucking industry's best Intermodal Transportation Management Software Solution that enables customers to be more efficient, competitive and profitable...

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