Routing and Scheduling Pays Big Dividends
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Lee W Crump, GVP & CIO, Rollins, Inc.

At Rollins, Inc., the world’s largest and premier Pest Control Company, fleet expense is our second highest cost item. We are the owner of multiple Pest Control brands; Orkin being the largest and most well-known. We dispatch over 5000 Orkin...

Role of CIO in Business Development and Innovations
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David Beckerman, SVP and CIO, The Pasha Group

At a recent executive summit, I presented a historical perspective of IT spend layered across our enterprise business capabilities. The story was consistent; technology investment drives significant business results. There was a direct...

Making the Most of Change: When opportunity knocks, your Chief Procurement Officer can help you open the door
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Steve Larrabee, CIO, DuPont

Observations on Partnering to Capture the Potential Value of Change It is an axiom in business—which too often goes unexploited—that change brings opportunity. Regardless of whether the change is planned and welcome or it has been...

It is Probably your Communication
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Greg Smiley, CIO, Florida Department of Transportation

As a CIO, our primary focus is to create business value through technology. The technology itself, however, does not create the long-lasting business value we are looking for. After all, technology has a very short lifecycle. The true business...

Software engineers are the future of logistics
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Mario Harik, CIO, XPO Logistics, Inc.

In the age of e-commerce, consumers have more choice than ever. We can shop anytime of the day and from virtually any location. Retailers are adapting quickly, too. Established brands are trying new things all of the time in an effort to be the...

Deliver Business Value through Innovations
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Sarah Ming Hsi, CIO, Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)

I serve as the Assistant General Manager of Technology and Chief Information Officer for the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA). I lead the Department of Technology, which is responsible for providing efficient, reliable,...

The Importance of Innovation in Supply Chains
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Barbara (Hodel) Schwarzentraub, Director of Parts Distribution, Caterpillar [NYSE :CAT]

IoT’s Contribution To succeed in any market, the customers that supply chains serve must make more money or receive more value from the products and services that the supply chains are serving them. At Caterpillar, this means that our...

Smart Infrastructure for Supply Chain Management
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Daniel Cavallin, CIO, Celistics

The term “logistics” has its roots in the Roman military, but when we talk about “supply chain”, it is a relatively new term, dating back to the 1980s. It is essential to understand the concept first before innovating or...

Transforming Supply Chain with SMAC and IoT
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Nathan Johnson, SVP and CIO, Werner Enterprises [NASDAQ: WERN]

Like many industries, logistics and supply chain providers deal with large volumes of data and ever-changing market demands. Technology has streamlined decision-making and driven process improvements, but velocity and demand for information is...

Leading Outside the Technology Box
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Bill Zebrowski, CIO, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)

I have been in the tech industry for a little over 30 years starting as a technician building AT&T and Compaq DeskPro computers with a whopping 10M hard drive to my current position as CIO for a regional transit authority. I have seen many...

Don't Be a Taxi
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David Beckerman, SVP & CIO, The Pasha Group

Uber won, taxis lost—don’t be a taxi. The example of Uber ousting taxis is a warning for businesses to adapt to stay relevant. Enterprise IT is no exception. Enterprise IT is being disrupted and CIOs need to respond with a new...

Paving Ways for a Smart Traveler
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Bill Taylor, CIO & Deputy Director, Ohio Department of Transportation

How would you describe the role of a CIO today? A CIO today is much more business-directed, than strictly technician. We are a liaison between the business, executive leadership and the technical people who make it run. As a leader in IT,...

Manufacturing with a Service Heart
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Mel Kirk, SVP & CIO, Ryder System, Inc.

In 1996, I joined financial services company GE Capital Services (GEC) in a Master Black Belt role, helping implement Lean Six Sigma practices. For 10 years prior to that, I had been building a career in manufacturing and operations leadership....

Technology Changes to Supply Chains Demand Good Leadership
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Kevin Glynn, VP & CIO, DSC Logistics

Our work in supply chain is changing rapidly as we implement new technology. Our leadership challenge as CIOs and IT leaders is not only to describe what the new technology will do, but also to help people understand how their jobs will change....

IT and Procurement: An Opportunity to Create Value
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Shelley Stewart, VP, Sourcing & Logistics & Chief Procurement Officer, E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Co

Once upon a time, “Purchasing” was viewed as a set of order takers who did little more than buy materials and ensure the vendors were paid. The technology needs were modest beyond, perhaps, an inventory and order tracking system. As...

Innovating Intelligently
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Joe Iannello, VP and CIO, Capital Metro

Regardless of what business you are in, whether you work in the private or public sector—if you are selling or providing a product or service to your customers— then innovation is a critical success factor in gaining and retaining...

The Big Data Investment - Getting to the Big Pay Off
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Mel Kirk, SVP & CIO, Ryder System Inc.

Data is one of the most important areas of focus for a CIO and his/her technology team. For years, the principal focus for IT, in partnership with the business, was enabling processes that drive the business. That IT focus has now intensified...

A Simple, But Critical Step, in Your Next ERP Project
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Peter Edlund, SVP of Global Product Marketing, DiCentral

Several years ago, I received a phone call from a frantic CIO. He had been in his role at a mid-sized retailer for a short time, and was at the tail end of a significant Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System implementation. It was a major...

Internet of Things, Cloud and the Future of Transportation
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Shaleen Devgun, EVP & CIO, Schneider

Today, contextual technologies like social, mobile, analytics and cloud (the “SMAC” stack) are converging to create significant opportunities in the transportation industry. Part of this is driven by our rapidly evolving customer...

Agility & Stability Are Imperative-But Can Your Data Center Support Bimodal IT?
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Rajendran Avadaiappan, CIO, Aligned Energy

With heavy pressures on business to be innovative, agile, and quick-to-market, today’s CIO is as much focused on technology innovation as on installing, operating, and maintaining systems. After all, digital innovation is key for every...

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