The Continuous Collaboration Journey
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Peter Edlund, SVP of Global Product Marketing, DiCentral

Supply chain collaboration technology is evolving at a pace faster today than ever before. When DiCentral started in 2000, supply chain organizations that embraced cloud-based B2Bi were considered cutting-edge. Today, the Internet-of-things,...

Trax Technologies Continues To Build Momentum - Names Mark Zembal as Senior Vice President of Marketing
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Logistics Tech Outlook

SCOTTSDALE, AZ: Trax Technologies, a global provider of cloud-based solutions for buyers and sellers of logistics services focused on improving supply chain performance, announces the appointment of Mark Zembal as Senior Vice...

R2 Logistics: Improving Logistics with Data Reporting
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Frank Dreischarf, VP of Supply Chain Solutions

R2 Logistics is a 3PL company providing transportation services, logistics and transportation management solutions

Tangentia Commerce Gateway: Enterprise Class Managed Services Cloud EDI
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Vijay Thomas, Managing Partner

Tangentia is equipped with the necessary capabilities to deliver custom enterprise EDI solutions to mid-sized & large customers globally either via their proprietary cloud based Platform Tangentia Commerce Gateway (gateway) or by...

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