Big Data and Cloud Technology Modifying Supply Chain Management
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Supply chain management has a major role to play when it comes to enhancing the return of investment. Big data and cloud are two such technologies which have made a huge impact on the supply chain. Here a few of the benefits of incorporating the...

Changing Perspective towards the Role of Procurement
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Uldis Sipols, Principal, US Associates, LLC

In growing businesses, the procurement discipline is advancing rapidly in terms of establishing its professional identity. In the past, the function of procurement was limited to expedition or placement of orders in many cases rather than a...

Migrating To Centralized ERP Solutions Is Key To Be Competitive
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Thomas Musgrave, SVP & CIO, AmeriCold Logistics

Biggest challenge in technology to meet the challenges of logistics sector  Our biggest challenge is the coherent consolidation of the various technology platforms to deliver solutions from both internal and customer view. While there...

Transforming IT to Drive More Business Value
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George Slessman, CEO, IO

The Technological Impact A top priority for IO is to improve product performance for our customers via data-driven research and development, with a goal to help them squeeze inefficiencies out of their IT value chain. We developed IO.Insight,...

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