Changing Perspective towards the Role of Procurement
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Uldis Sipols, Principal, US Associates, LLC

In growing businesses, the procurement discipline is advancing rapidly in terms of establishing its professional identity. In the past, the function of procurement was limited to expedition or placement of orders in many cases rather than a...

Shipcom Wireless: Managing Every Move across the Streamlined Supply Chain
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Abeezar Tyebji, CEO

Provides integrated supply chain execution software solutions, focusing on automatic identification and data collection, RFID and enterprise mobility markets

Infocon Systems: Connecting the Dots
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Deepak Nijhawan, President

Connecting businesses with trading partners, integrating with any systems, in any industry

MercuryGate: Ideal Combination of New Technologies and Real-World Dynamics
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Monica B. Wooden, CEO and Co-founder

Gives shippers and logistics service providers the power to control multimodal, international shipments from any origin to any destination

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