The Importance of Innovation in Supply Chains
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Barbara (Hodel) Schwarzentraub, Director of Parts Distribution, Caterpillar [NYSE :CAT]

IoT’s Contribution To succeed in any market, the customers that supply chains serve must make more money or receive more value from the products and services that the supply chains are serving them. At Caterpillar, this means that our...

Riding the Technological Momentum
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Gary Acromite, CIO & Chief Logistics Officer, Gavilon Group

Solutions Matching the Technological Spin Generally speaking, many of the biggest technology challenges facing the Agribusiness sector are a combination of factors; the degree of technology offering fragmentation; the existence of legacy /...

Keeping up with the Dynamic World
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Dan Bentzinger, CIO, MIQ Logistics

The Impact of Cloud It has been our long standing belief that software should be provided through a browser or mobile device. The savings are undeniable. Unlike the old days, each participant is no longer required to purchase, configure, and...

Intergraph Announces SmartPlant Electrical 2015
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Logistics Tech Outlook

HUNTSVILLE, AL: Intergraph, an enterprise engineering software solutions provider, announced SmartPlant Electrical (SPEL) 2015, an enhanced version of its integrated solutions within the Engineering & Schematics product suite, crafted to...

Business Intelligence that Delivers for Logistics
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Paul Schwartz, Director of Information, WSI

In logistics, information is the engine driving our industry. Sales history, transaction details, inventory levels, cycle counts and transportation routing. In an age where organizations demand real-time access to business intelligence, the...

Vnomics: Redefining Vehicle Economics
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Lloyd Palum, CTO & VP of Engineering

Provides advanced analytics solutions that enable fleets to improve driver and vehicle performance

Trak Engineering: Shaping the Future of Fuel Management
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John Blyth, President & CEO

Helping customers meet the increasing demand for integrated, computerized fuel management and fleet control.

Assured Telematics: Real-time Asset Data with Fleet Management App
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Frank Pellitta, President

Provides a suite of systems ranging from GPS technologies to invehicle camera systems to data integration and analytics

Invata Intralogistics: An Elegant Mix of Material Handling and Information Processing
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Ryan Sheehan, CEO

Providing comprehensive solutions to manage the logistical flow of information and material goods within the walls of a fulfillment or distribution center.

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