Introducing R Programming into Business Analytics
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Created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman, the R language aptly garners its name based on the initials of its founders. Again, being an implementation of the S programming language, it is often regarded as a tribute to S. R is an open source...

5 Mobile Security Steps to Take Now to Protect Your Business
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Marco Nielsen, VP, Managed Services, Stratix Corporation

With cyber threats on the rise, the question isn’t really if you’ll get hacked—it’s how you’ll respond when it happens. The logistics sector is using mobile to drive new levels of productivity and efficiency...

Agility & Stability Are Imperative-But Can Your Data Center Support Bimodal IT?
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Rajendran Avadaiappan, CIO, Aligned Energy

With heavy pressures on business to be innovative, agile, and quick-to-market, today’s CIO is as much focused on technology innovation as on installing, operating, and maintaining systems. After all, digital innovation is key for every...

EDI: The Definitive Communication Tool that Streamlines Businesses
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Chris Baxter, Director of IT, Pilot Freight Services

EDI literally translates to Electronic Data Interchange simple. However, in today’s world, you get on Facebook, post a picture, comment on someone’s status or check-in at a local restaurant and it’s considered EDI because...

Supply Chain Communities are Being Reinvented by Cloud Networks
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John Urban, EVP & GM, GT Nexus

Cloud platforms not only automate transactions, but become a common infrastructure to tie together business processes and execution Something unexpected has happened in the world of supply chain technology. As cloud networks have become...

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