IoT Supports Fleet Management
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IoT alternatives give fleet operators a distant and comprehensive insight into their activities to link, enabling a stronger business strategy. FREMONT, CA: Internet of things (IoT) has been taking the contemporary company environment by storm...

Are you Employing Telematics in Fleet Management Yet?
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Telematics technologies are rapidly becoming a vital instrument in managing a vehicle fleet. FREMONT, CA: Telematics is equipping operators with the required information to enhance driver efficiency and reduce energy consumption and emissions...

Fleet Industry can Gain from Technologies in 5 ways
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Increasingly, the business owners and fleet managers are reaping the profits of implementing fleet management vehicle tracking with reduced expenses and streamlined processes. FREMONT, CA:  The benefits of fleet management go beyond...

How is Smart Technology Revolutionizing Fleet Management?
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The emergence of robust smart fleet management solutions has enabled logistics organizations to enhance driver safety and improve efficiency. FREMONT, CA – The logistics sector is evolving with the integration of emerging technologies....

The 3 Pillars of Fleet Risk Management
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By facilitating vehicle inspection, driver safety, and automotive compliance, fleet management organizations can ensure seamless operation and eliminate unnecessary compliance costs. FREMONT, CA : A robust fleet risk management system is...

AI-Integrated Fleet Management Software Takes AMRs to the Next Level!
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The need for enhanced productivity and efficiency has spurred the fleet industry to employ AI-powered autonomous mobile robots. FREMONT, CA: Organizations today are deploying one technology after another to maintain their competitive edge in...

Towards futuristic fleet management with the foundation of Telematics
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Telematics technology can enhance many aspects of fleet activities, including safety and reliability. Industries demand collaborative, viable connected vehicular solutions to bag higher ROI. FREMONT, CA: Technology is transforming the...

Benefits of IoT in Transportation Industry
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Internet of Things (IoT) is the technology that allows machine such as sensors and computers to exchange data over the cloud without human intervention. Transportation industry sees immense potential in the technology to automate the processes as...

Is IoT A Game Changer for Transportation Industry?
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IoT innovation is the next big thing in this technology-driven world. This new wave of technology is rising at a phenomenal rate and is profoundly influencing all the industries. IoT technology helps in transferring the data without human aid due...

IoT in Fleet Management: The Path toward Success
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The Internet of Things (IoT) is not in the future; it is now. IoT in fleet management is common everywhere. It starts with sensors and devices implemented in vehicles and the data they collect. Fleet management uses IoT in various levels such as...

Telogis Allies with Element to Streamline Fleet Management Process
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DANA POINT, CA: Telogis, a platform for connected intelligence is forming a strategic alliance with Element Fleet Management  to bring Telogis’ vehicle technologies and mobile applications to Element’s customers. The partnership...

US Fleet Tracking Shows the Benefits of GPS Tracker
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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK: US Fleet Tracking, a manufacturer of GPS tracker, claims that the GPS tracker can boost the business performance with its unique quality of mapping and tracking the shipment. The GPS tracker advances the shipment process by...

National Express Improves Fleet Performance with QlikView
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RADNOR, PA: Qlik, business intelligence and visualization software provider announces that National Express Coach, UK’s largest coach operator has adopted QlikView Business Discovery platform to gain better insight into customer feedback and...

Easy Metrics: Infusing Visibility into 3PL
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Dean Dorcas, CEO

Easy Metrics is a cloud based business intelligence system that helps companies with labor-intensive operations to identify and optimize their labor costs

iTRAK®: Forward-Thinking Fleet Management Technology
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Thomas Grounds, President & CTO

Develops powerful tracking, mapping, and reporting solutions in the fleet management space.

Teletrac Navman: Optimizing FMS to Meet Business Objectives
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Oswaldo Flores Manager, Marketing and Product Management

Teletrac Navman is a cloud based GPS tracking and fleet management software provider that has helped automate more than 420,000 fleets worldwide