Tips and Tools for Evaluating the Use of Dedicated Fleets
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Jeff Metersky, VP, Customer Success Strategy, LLamasoft, Inc.

Managing the balance between cost and service is a pervasive challenge for nearly every supply chain professional when managing their transportation strategy. Pair that with an increasingly competitive marketplace, and determining the right...

A New Way of Collaboration in Logistics
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Daniel Cavallin, CIO, CELISTICS

In 1995, when Wal-Mart developed the CPFR initiative (Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment), they created a standard for the supply chain industry on which planning was based on a strictly collaborative process. In consensus,...

Maximizing Technology Output with Cloud Solutions
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Thomas Musgrave, EVP & CIO, AmeriCold Logistics

Big Data Benefits Delivered through Cloud The availability of cloud computing to solution providers offers the advantage of being untethered to a master network or database. The availability of big data on multiple devices and to multiple...

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