Can Dynamic Mapping Systems Enhance Transportation Initiatives?
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FREMONT, CA – Of all the problems plaguing the modern world, traffic congestion is one of the foremost, if not the primary one. It will only get worse, as the urban population keeps on increasing. According to a report by the United Nations,...

Technology's Role - Mitigating Supply Chain Operating Risks
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Richard Sharpe, CEO, Competitive Insights, LLC

Supply chain disruptions are a given. They are going to happen. And when they do, there are financial consequences. These disruptions create winners and losers. The winners are those companies that have integrated new forms of cloud based...

Elite EXTRA Wins the Reputed 'WI Innovation Award'
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MILWAUKEE, WI: Applied Data Consultants, GIS service provider has been felicitated with the most reputed ‘WI Innovation Award’ for their ‘Elite EXTRA’ in the Software (Services) category in the second annual event at...

Google Maps API to Enhance Civic Projects in Chicago
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FREMONT, CA: Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) adopts Google Maps Web Services APIs to enhance construction projects and deploy them efficiently, reports Martin W Brennan for ProgrammableWeb. The Google Maps API is helping the...

Elite EXTRA: The Routing Solutions Experts
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Jim Ward, President

Delivers an online, advance dispatch management, real-time tracking and routing solution for logistics companies