Here are Four Advantages of Logistics Automation in TMS
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To fight rising transportation costs, the logistics automation components in a TMS make it easy for users around the country to employ policies that deliver instant freight savings. The occurrence also means the TMS application is built with...

Paramount Logistics Practices For Small Enterprises
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Organizations can save on costs and optimize processes upon joining forces with other businesses. When one business partners with another, they are in a position to better leverage their strengths and compensate for the deficiencies. FREMONT,...

Why Logistics Players should focus on the Digitization of Micro Loans
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The logistics industry is expanding and the players are focusing on the digitization of the lending process of microloans generating more income. Fremont, CA: Logistics management is vital for the efficient operation of the supply chain, and...

How Two Enterprises Together are Fighting Malaria in Nigeria
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The efforts of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will make way for innovative solutions that can alleviate the adversities of malaria wrecking the underdeveloped regions of Nigeria. FREMONT, CA: Logistics plays a vital role in the...

What Elastic Logistics Means to Businesses?
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Elastic logistics is an agile method where the pull of customer demand sets up lead times for deliveries and replenishment. The idea behind the process is to react swiftly before or just after the requirement or need arises. FREMONT, CA: In...

Manufacturing Supply Chain Pillared on Sourcing, Production and Making
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Luis Espinosa, Director Route Development/corporate account/Supply chain optimization, Panalpina [SWX: PWTN]

Supply Chain embraces a variety of functions directly connected to the core of the manufacturing bottom line: “Productivity.” In today’s world, the majority of companies do not compete for the brand name, with one example being...

The Ever-Changing World of Logistics-An Investor's Eye View
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Chris Habachy , General Partner, Charge Ventures

1. In the light of your experience what are the trends and challenges you’ve witnessed happening in the Logistics Tech Startup space? We are witnessing a real unprecedented disruption in the global logistics industry fueled by the...

What Makes India's Logistics Space Appealing to Investors?
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India’s logistics space is booming and investor interest in tech-based logistics start-ups has risen exponentially. FREMONT, CA: The logistics industry is the by-product of the rise of the e-commerce industry. Plenty of start-ups sprouted...

FreightPOP TMS Introduces New User Personalization Shipping Attributes
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Kurt Johnson, Co-Founder & CEO

Managing shipping and distribution equipment acquisition and marketing is extremely complex and an important factor in assessing productivity.    FREMONT, CA: Envisioning a better way for mid-sized businesses to manage logistics,...

Here Is How Machine Learning Can Enhance Logistics
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Machine study enables trends of the supply chain to be discovered through algorithms that rapidly determine the most critical variables in the achievement of the supply chain information. FREMONT, CA: Logistics activities work on extremely...

The Intersection of Marketing and Logistics
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Marketing and logistics involve intersecting areas wherein the coordination among the two results in a smooth flow of the processes. FREMONT, CA: Marketing and logistics seem far-off sectors that do not have any common streak. However, they...

Intelligent Audit Joins the Ranks of BiTA
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Hannah Testani, Chief Operating Officer

The incorporation of blockchain technology will enable organizations to introduce greater transparency and efficiency into their freight auditing process. FREMONT, CA: The logistics industry is going through a revolution fueled by the emergence...

3 Ways CIOs can become a Supply Chain Manager
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Any company's success is determined by the quality of its supply chain operations, and with the role of CIO combining with the supply chain manager, the quality of logistics administration will improve. FREMONT, CA: Innovation is integrated...

How is AI Powering Logistics Tech Startups?
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Using AI’s ability to extract useful insights from massive data sets, logistics tech startups are bringing transparency in their processes. FREMONT, CA: Industries are striving to include artificial intelligence (AI) into their processes....

How is IoT Streamlining Routing and Scheduling?
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The benefits of IoT will enable organizations to develop new business models which can tackle the challenges hindering operational efficiency. FREMONT, CA – The place of logistics organizations in the marketplace is decided by the...

4 Technologies that are Giving the Logistics Industry a New Dimension
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The incorporation of new technologies into the logistics sector is enabling organizations to significantly reduce downtime and streamline their workflow. FREMONT, CA – The logistics sector is going through a technological revolution,...

Transportation Companies Navigate Challenges on the Road Ahead
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Diane Sacra, Director of Marketing, Universal Logistics Holdings, Inc.

When your business is commercial trucking, you get used to climbing some hills along the way. With increased and demanding changes in both the transportation industry and the B2B marketplace overall, companies like Universal Logistics Holdings,...

Driving Culture Change in a Logistics Procurement Organization
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Michelle Moore, Senior Director, Global Logistics Procurement, The Chemours Company

When I became the Senior Director of Global Logistics Procurement at The Chemours Company in late 2016, I figured I was walking into a pretty manageable job. I didn’t have a background in Logistics or Supply Chain, but have been with the...

If You Have Ignored Logistics in the Past, Here is What You Need to Know Today.
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Richard Boulware, Director, Global Logistics, Global OPS, International Flavors & Fragrances Inc

As a “Chief ” of some facet of your enterprise, it is very likely you have been exposed to what may seem like hyperbolic adjectives such as “transformative”, “revolutionary”, “disruptive”,...

Systum to Enhance its Digital Transformation Offerings with the $10.7M Funding
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Dean Mansfield, President & CEO

The funding will enable the company to enhance its platform with additional capabilities. FREMONT, CA: Customer experience is one of the most prominent factors that decide the success of organizations in the business world. Several businesses...