SIGMA: Supply Chain Pioneer for Electronics Manufacturers
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Ares Kwok, CEO

A global distributor that provides one-stop supply chain solutions to electronics manufacturers

HighJump Software: Supply Chain Accelerated
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Michael Cornell, CEO

Delivers agile WMS solutions to help customers achieve new levels of supply chain responsiveness, performance and profitability

Datex Corporation: Affordable Warehouse Management with Robust Functionality
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Michael Armanious, VP of Sales & Marketing

Provides logistics technology solutions, including supply chain management software, warehouse management software, third party logistics, logistic business consulting services, and managed services...

Infocon Systems: Connecting the Dots
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Deepak Nijhawan, President

Connecting businesses with trading partners, integrating with any systems, in any industry

Silver Bullet Technologies: Unique Solutions for the Freight Forwarding and Logistics Industry
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Marcia Dorer, Director Business Services

Designing and developing modular, affordable, and adaptable logistics business softwares.

Suntek Systems:Freight Forwarding Management Software for True Visibility
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MJ Kim, President

Provides software tools from simple warehousing functions to fulfilling functions in on-premise version for basic warehousing function and cloud version for fulfilling service.

Tangentia Commerce Gateway: Enterprise Class Managed Services Cloud EDI
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Vijay Thomas, Managing Partner

Tangentia is equipped with the necessary capabilities to deliver custom enterprise EDI solutions to mid-sized & large customers globally either via their proprietary cloud based Platform Tangentia Commerce Gateway (gateway) or by...

AFS: Enriching Transportation Management with Modern Technologies
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Kevin Snyder, CIO

AFS cover the entire shipping lifecycle with improved transparency and limited interference; delivering shipping costs reductions to companies in LTL, Parcel, Truckload, and Ocean logistics...

How Technology is Changing Third-Party Logistics?
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Today, robots are widely employed by assembly lines around the world. They are also increasingly making their way into logistics based on the product picking requirements of the e-commerce industry. According to market research, there will be over...