Industry 4.0
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Venkat Nandikolla, Global Head of Manufacturing, Mindtree

1. What are the Benefits of Cloud Computing for the Manufacturing and Supply Chain Industry, and how has your Company Embraced it? In this era of Industry 4.0, the need for higher efficiencies both on the shop floor & in the enterprise,...

Role of Innovative Technology Taking Center Stage in World-Class Manufacturing Companies
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Susan Kampe, CIO, VP, Information Technology, Cooper Standard

The starring role in any manufacturing company belongs to the products that are produced. However, the supporting cast, especially information technology (IT), is quickly coming out from behind the scenes and taking center stage to ensure...

Supply Chain Process Development using DFSS/DRM and First-Time Quality
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Eric C. Maass, Director of Design for Reliability & Manufacturing & Medtronic [NYSE:MDT]

Abstract Success is driven by satisfying (or even delighting) customers— which depends on delivering above and beyond expectations. The supply chain can be considered as a system, with the goal of delivering on time, in the right...

Navigating a Smooth Journey to Supply Chain Cloud
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Jon Chorley, CSO and GVP of SCM Strategy and PLM Development, Oracle [NYSE: ORCL]

In the decades leading up to Y2K, decisions about supply chain web applications were relatively straightforward. There were only a couple of vendors, and the stack consisted of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and material requirements planning...

The Importance of Supply Chain Visibility
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David Adams, Director, Business Intelligence & Project Management, Unyson

When it comes to business, lack of information leads to decisions based on guesswork or rules of thumb. That can cost your company money and customer goodwill. Supply chain visibility makes it possible to make fact-based decisions quickly, so you...

A Simple, But Critical Step, in Your Next ERP Project
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Peter Edlund, SVP of Global Product Marketing, DiCentral

Several years ago, I received a phone call from a frantic CIO. He had been in his role at a mid-sized retailer for a short time, and was at the tail end of a significant Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System implementation. It was a major...

Agility & Stability Are Imperative-But Can Your Data Center Support Bimodal IT?
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Rajendran Avadaiappan, CIO, Aligned Energy

With heavy pressures on business to be innovative, agile, and quick-to-market, today’s CIO is as much focused on technology innovation as on installing, operating, and maintaining systems. After all, digital innovation is key for every...

Do more with less: How to Thrive in a Challenging Labor Market
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Sean Wallingford, Senior Director, Strategic Operations, Intelligrated

The State of the Operational Workforce and Market Influences The MHI U.S. Material Handling and Logistics roadmap indicates a shrinking pool of qualified labor due to the retirement of baby boomers and a lack of skilled younger workers to...

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