A Leap of Faith or Touch of Technology: What Defines Efficient Inventory Management?
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Employing robotics, artificial intelligence, and radio frequency identification sensors enable companies to gain real-time access to accurate inventory related information. FREMONT, CA: Ever purchased anything on e-commerce websites to find out...

IoT applications for businesses and benefits for the fleet industry
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Automotive fleets are essential to many businesses including fleet management. Before the emergence of connected device technology fleet business was relying on crude communication systems and outdated data storage techniques. As vehicles become...

IoT's Impact on the Transportation and Logistics Sector
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Internet of Things (IoT) is not just a buzzword today. There are multiple sectors that are undergoing rapid transformations with the adoption of IoT. As per a study conducted by AT Kearney, IoT’s impact on the transportation and logistics...

Transforming Supply Chain for the "Now Economy"
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Steve Martin, VP of Automotive, Ryder System, Inc.

Affordable technology’s moving at warp speed, putting immense pressure on businesses across all industries to keep up. It’s a matter of choosing to step onto the playing field to tackle the competition in spite of the bumps and...

Business Intelligence that Delivers for Logistics
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Paul Schwartz, Director of Information, WSI

In logistics, information is the engine driving our industry. Sales history, transaction details, inventory levels, cycle counts and transportation routing. In an age where organizations demand real-time access to business intelligence, the...

TrackX Holdings Inc. (TSX.V:TKX | OTC:TKXHF)(“TrackX”): Augmenting Transparency and Visibility into the Supply Chain
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Tim Harvie, Co-Founder, Chairman, & CEO

Delivers SaaS-based solutions leveraging multiple auto-ID and sensor technologies for the comprehensive tracking and management of physical assets

Systum: Customer Experience Driven by Smart Inventory
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Dean Mansfield, President & CEO

Provides a platform that offers a single interface to access all of the customer facing apps employed in an organization

Assured Telematics: Real-time Asset Data with Fleet Management App
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Frank Pellitta, President

Provides a suite of systems ranging from GPS technologies to invehicle camera systems to data integration and analytics

Suntek Systems:Freight Forwarding Management Software for True Visibility
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MJ Kim, President

Provides software tools from simple warehousing functions to fulfilling functions in on-premise version for basic warehousing function and cloud version for fulfilling service.