The Ripple Effects of Smart Warehouses in Today's Businesses
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As technology transforms all the complexities into simplicity, business processes and functions are becoming more “smart.” AI and machine learning have a wide scope to improve warehouses by using their smart technologies. The companies...

Logistics Revamped through Automation
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The global supply chain is on an upward spiral, and several changes in technology are helping to streamline operations effectively. The automation of the logistics procedures is a significant step towards making the business thrive and progress...

Efficient Supply Chain with Blockchain: Here's How
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A supply chain management involves the planning and accomplishment of all the processes included in getting the complete products. It is a chain of individual entities, businesses, organizations, technologies as well as resources that are present...

IoT's Impact on the Transportation and Logistics Sector
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Internet of Things (IoT) is not just a buzzword today. There are multiple sectors that are undergoing rapid transformations with the adoption of IoT. As per a study conducted by AT Kearney, IoT’s impact on the transportation and logistics...

The Transformation of Retail
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Michael Koch, Sr. Director, Samsung Electronics America

Retail in the United States is transforming at a pace not seen before. The transformation is due largely to (1) demand by the consumer and (2) the various business entities “re-inventing” themselves to stay alive. These changes are...

Technology Is Leveraging Business Procedures
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Tycho Van Peteghem, Head of Technology and Procurement, Container Technics nv

The supply chain becomes increasingly transparent; manufacturers of goods are just one click away, new technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing and blockchain are transforming the world at a rapid pace. The maritime industry, which...

Industry 4.0
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Venkat Nandikolla, Global Head of Manufacturing, Mindtree

1. What are the Benefits of Cloud Computing for the Manufacturing and Supply Chain Industry, and how has your Company Embraced it? In this era of Industry 4.0, the need for higher efficiencies both on the shop floor & in the enterprise,...

Leveraging Big Data to Optimize Supply Chain
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As early as 2003, Walmart introduced RFID tags into their supply chain, which improved the process efficiency, causing a revenue increase from $1 million to $20 million. Amazon is likely to leverage drones while there are companies considering...

IoT Seamlessly Integrates Supply Chains
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Smart homes and Internet of Things (IoT) are buzzwords that have been making rounds for quite a while now. It is nearly impossible not to come across them in tech-related conversations. But how smart are our home appliances right now? The latest...

What the Next Stage of the IoT Means for Supply Chain Management
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Ashish Chona, SVP-IoT Software Solutions, ORBCOMM [NASDAQ:ORBC]

Supply chain managers need to get ready for the next stage of the Internet of Things (IoT). Business research company IHS Market forecasts that the IoT market will grow from an installed base of 15.4 billion devices in 2015 to 30.7 billion devices...

A Growing Reliance on Outsourcing Warrants a Change in Logistics Management
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Greg Aimi, Supply Chain Research Director, Gartner [NYSE:IT]

Your company’s performance is most likely becoming more dependent on third-party logistics (3PL) providers as the demand for logistics outsourcing grows. This dependence mandates a change in the role of today’s logistics professional...

Time to Reach for the Clouds
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Mike Ruchensky, VP & CIO, Swift Transportation

Today’s fleet managers—and their drivers—face heightened responsibilities in an increasingly competitive transportation industry. Budget pressures and regulatory uncertainty can put the squeeze on fleets, coupled with the fact we...

The Data Supply Chain is Critical to the Success of Healthcare Providers
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Richard Bagley, Director of Supply Chain Commercialization, Intermountain Healthcare

Why is the Data Supply Chain a Challenge in Healthcare? Healthcare logistics are complex and dependent on high quality data. Unfortunately, standardized master data is a challenge. Healthcare supply chains are being pressured to transform from...

The Journey to Transform Data into Insights
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Jean Claude Saghbini, CTO and VP of Inventory Management Solutions at Cardinal Health

Communication and Connectivity Digital technologies and the “internet of things” (IoT) is transforming our daily lives; everything is smarter, faster and more efficient. Cell phones allow teenagers to communicate faster than...

Can we skip the RFID please?
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Steve Tripp, VP-Global Strategy, ICL Systems

Bar Codes are  seemingly ancient technology in the logistics world. However, they are still in use everywhere in the supply chain–from cross docks to the check-out line at the grocery store. For years, we have been reading and talking...

Technology Convergence in the Logistics Industry
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Leo Shuster, Director, IT, Panther Premium Logistics

Some people may not think of the logistics industry as cutting edge or technology- savvy. And there are good reasons for that. Ask anyone the first thing they think about when talking about logistics and transportation, and they would...

Mobile Awareness' Tire Monitoring Pressure Offers Optimized Data Management and Remote Alerts
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SOLON, OH:Mobile Awareness LLC, a company that manufactures and designs  commercial vehicle safety products has developed a new semi truck tire pressure monitoring system with online data and remote alerts. The system is capable of asset...

NiceLabel Rolls Out New Automation Version 1.5
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Logistics Tech Outlook

FREMONT, CA: NiceLabel, a developer of barcode and RFID labeling solutions for SME and Enterprise announces the release of version 1.5 of the new generation of automation products. The new release introduces batch printing, simplified Excel and...

Shipcom Wireless: Managing Every Move across the Streamlined Supply Chain
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Abeezar Tyebji, CEO

Provides integrated supply chain execution software solutions, focusing on automatic identification and data collection, RFID and enterprise mobility markets

Infolog: Seamless Automation of 3PL Operations
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Richard Goh, Managing Director

A provider of omni-channel software solutions for the distribution, supply chain, and logistics companies

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