Significance of Transportation Scheduling Software in Logistics
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One of the significant benefits that transportation scheduling software is intending for with a digitally adaptive approach is ease of integration along with other solutions. The strategy helps organizations to be prepared for a foreseeable...

How is Smart Technology Revolutionizing Fleet Management?
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The emergence of robust smart fleet management solutions has enabled logistics organizations to enhance driver safety and improve efficiency. FREMONT, CA – The logistics sector is evolving with the integration of emerging technologies....

Toward a Seamless Freight Brokering Experience
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The strategic partnership will allow the shippers to leverage technology for creating value and reducing friction in the freight market. FREMONT, CA: As per Frost & Sullivan, the trucking industry is in a phase of digital transformation...

Professional Headship Directing Far Sighted EAM Leader towards Success
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Tim Harvie, Co-Founder, Chairman, & CEO

Visionary organizations that create reliable and flexible solutions always aspire expert leadership to orchestrate their business growth plan.    FREMONT, CA: SaaS-based Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution provider, TrackX...

Progression of Logistic Companies with Technology
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Logistics is the crucial component of modern business and a part of supply chain management that plans implements, and controls the effective forward, reverse flow and storage of goods, services between the point of origin and...

Enhancing Supply Chain Transparency with Oracle Blockchain
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 Globalization has taken full advantage of the supply chain network, which makes the network more complicated, as the raw materials come from different locations and are shipped to places hundreds of miles away. Industries are shifting...

Mobility Trends in the Enterprises
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The emerging “bring your own” (BYO) trends are redefining the existing beliefs related to mobile strategies as CIOs evaluate the pros and cons of allowing the virtual version for the mobile device, cloud, and applications. For...

Improve Inventory and Product Availability with Digitization
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Jett McCandless, Founder and CEO, Project44

Monitoring inventory can be a challenge. Maintaining the right stock levels—keeping enough inventory to avoid stock outs without bloating— has a lasting impact on both your bottom line and consumer happiness. Some experts estimate that...

Disruptive Technologies Influencing Supply Chain
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Tom Knutilla, VP & Division CIO, Ryder Dedicated Transportation Solutions & Supply Chain Solutions

How do you see the benefits of cloud computing for the supply chain and transportation industry, and how have you embraced it? There are numerous benefits of cloud computing for the supply chain and transportation industry. It supports the...

What the Next Stage of the IoT Means for Supply Chain Management
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Ashish Chona, SVP-IoT Software Solutions, ORBCOMM [NASDAQ:ORBC]

Supply chain managers need to get ready for the next stage of the Internet of Things (IoT). Business research company IHS Market forecasts that the IoT market will grow from an installed base of 15.4 billion devices in 2015 to 30.7 billion devices...

B2B Integration Key to Supply Chain Excellence
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Dan Sellers, CIO, WSI

Business-to-business integration has taken the logistics industry by storm in the past five years. Organizations, from retailers to manufacturers to third-party logistics providers, realize their future success depends on integrating their...

The Debate is on: APIs vs. EDI - 3 Things to Know about Where Supply Chain Technology is Headed
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Jett Mc Candless, CEO, project44

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are already transforming the global supply chain, an industry known for being resistant to change. Just as APIs have overhauled other industries, bringing us the most dynamic, cloud SaaS (Software as a...

Unlocking the True Potential of Transportation Management System
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Jordan Kass, president of TMC, a division of C.H. Robinson

Maximize the Value of Your TMS Investment You’ve likely heard about companies that have invested a lot of money, time and resources in implementing a Transportation Management System (TMS) only to shelve the system years later because...

Transforming IT to Drive More Business Value
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George Slessman, CEO, IO

The Technological Impact A top priority for IO is to improve product performance for our customers via data-driven research and development, with a goal to help them squeeze inefficiencies out of their IT value chain. We developed IO.Insight,...

InterlinkONE Acquires AwarenessHUB to Accelerate Sales via Social Media
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WILMINGTON, MA: The advent of social media has also helped business process in various ways, one of which is the sales process. With an aim to speed up the sales process over the social media, interlinkONE procures AwarenessHUB- social software...

Isotrack to Offer Delivery Performance Management for UniPro's Member Fleets
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ATLANTA, GA:Fleet management services are in the eve of noticing a strategic turn of events which comes with the alliance of Isotrak and UniPro Food Service. Isotrack, is a provider of fleet management software and fleet telematics systems...

Guest Commentary: Why Wait Any Longer? TMS is Now Affordable for 2/3 of North American Companies
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Mark Nix, CEO, Cloud Logistics

With the improved affordability of transport management (TMS) solutions across the spectrum of business sizes and industries, more companies than ever have access to the cost savings, process improvements and other benefits that TMS delivers....

Tailwind Transportation Software Launches Tailwind Express to Help Freight Brokers and Carriers
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Logistics Tech Outlook

VANCOUVER, BC: Tailwind Transportation Software, developer of software solutions for freight brokers, trucking carriers, and other freight transportation companies has launched Tailwind Express, a cloud based transportation solution to help...

Roadnet Transportation Suit 3.7.1 to Boost Driver Productivity and Better Route Visibility
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Logistics Tech Outlook

FREMONT, CA: Roadnet Technologies, an omnitracs company- provider of fleet and mobile management software and GPS tracking solutions, announced the launch of Roadnet Transportation Suit 3.7.1. It is a new version to boost drivers’...

Information Logistics
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James Hanauer, CTO and VP Engineering, CTSI-Global and Richard Perry, Product Manager, CTSI-Global

It’s no secret that gone are the days where information technology (IT) is optional for businesses. Technology departments are no longer a necessary cost center housed in the company basement – they are necessary partners in the...