How Two Enterprises Together are Fighting Malaria in Nigeria
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The efforts of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will make way for innovative solutions that can alleviate the adversities of malaria wrecking the underdeveloped regions of Nigeria. FREMONT, CA: Logistics plays a vital role in the...

Better Supply Chain Management with Technology
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Johannes Giloth, Senior Vice President Supply Chain and Procurement and Chief Procurement Officer, Nokia

Johannes Giloth is a global executive with a proven track record in running and transforming Supply Chain Organizations with broad international and cross-cultural experience. A futurist yet reflective leader, Giloth specializes in procurement,...

What Elastic Logistics Means to Businesses?
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Elastic logistics is an agile method where the pull of customer demand sets up lead times for deliveries and replenishment. The idea behind the process is to react swiftly before or just after the requirement or need arises. FREMONT, CA: In...

Manufacturing Supply Chain Pillared on Sourcing, Production and Making
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Luis Espinosa, Director Route Development/corporate account/Supply chain optimization, Panalpina [SWX: PWTN]

Supply Chain embraces a variety of functions directly connected to the core of the manufacturing bottom line: “Productivity.” In today’s world, the majority of companies do not compete for the brand name, with one example being...

How can Warehouses Accelerate their Delivery Process?
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A user-centric and robust Warehouse Management System (WMS), which produces real-time insights, yet is resilient enough to level as operations grow, is critical to make distribution businesses run faster, better and more competently. FREMONT,...

How Automation and Innovation Drive Multifaceted Supply Chains
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Automating functions brings control that is more efficient in several core business processes. For instance, by automating background tasks between executions and planning, one can drive greater visibility over production lines. FREMONT, CA:...

The Role of IoT in Supply Chain Visibility
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Visibility in supply chain is crucial and IoT will help organizations to collate real-time data and take necessary steps to smoothen the operations. FREMONT, CA: Supply chain visibility (SVC) has gained considerable importance since the...

What Makes India's Logistics Space Appealing to Investors?
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India’s logistics space is booming and investor interest in tech-based logistics start-ups has risen exponentially. FREMONT, CA: The logistics industry is the by-product of the rise of the e-commerce industry. Plenty of start-ups sprouted...

Technological Innovations in the Supply Chain. Supply Chain Analytics
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Michael L Schoenfeld, Senior Vice President, Head of Contract Logistics- USA, DB Schenker

While the third quarter for 2019 is winding down, there’s never any slowing in the world of the supply chain. This has been a unique year full of diverse, interesting developments affecting global trade. When it comes to technology, some...

Four Must-Have Skills for Supply Chain Analytics
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Felipe Molino, Director of Supply Chain Solutions Engineering, NFI

As leaders, we are met with very high expectations from our stakeholders. As much as we would like to be able to do everything, it is unusual to have the bandwidth required to work on all of our initiatives simultaneously. Therefore, we rely on...

Breaking Traditional Supply Chain Convention with Automation
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Through rising overt and covert operational costs and lower revenue potential, autonomous robots mainly encourage competition and profitability in the supply chain. FREMONT, CA:  Humanoid robots are in an increasing class of tools that can...

Here Are The Prerequisites For An Effective Supply Chain Compliance Program
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Organizations should implement Supply Chain Compliance Programs to keep for a safe and prosperous business. FREMONT, CA: Supply chain compliance is one of the main issues that lead the supply chain and procurement organizations to focus on. 45...

10 Ways to Reduce Supply Chain Risk
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Supply chain risk management is essential for countering events like natural disasters, unpaid bills, transport disruptions, preventing issues, and providing loss mitigation if risk events occur. FREMONT, CA: An unlimited number of factors can...

The Impact of AI on Supply Chain Companies
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An AI roadmap represents a portfolio of AI opportunities designed to meet short-term and long-term business strategic goals. FREMONT, CA: In the last 30 years, the logistics industry has experienced a considerable shift: from a solely...

3 Ways CIOs can become a Supply Chain Manager
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Any company's success is determined by the quality of its supply chain operations, and with the role of CIO combining with the supply chain manager, the quality of logistics administration will improve. FREMONT, CA: Innovation is integrated...

Driving Culture Change in a Logistics Procurement Organization
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Michelle Moore, Senior Director, Global Logistics Procurement, The Chemours Company

When I became the Senior Director of Global Logistics Procurement at The Chemours Company in late 2016, I figured I was walking into a pretty manageable job. I didn’t have a background in Logistics or Supply Chain, but have been with the...

If You Have Ignored Logistics in the Past, Here is What You Need to Know Today.
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Richard Boulware, Director, Global Logistics, Global OPS, International Flavors & Fragrances Inc

As a “Chief ” of some facet of your enterprise, it is very likely you have been exposed to what may seem like hyperbolic adjectives such as “transformative”, “revolutionary”, “disruptive”,...

Advantages of 3PLs for a Packaging Operation
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Switching to a 3PL for packaging operations allows businesses to emphasis on the fundamental manufacturing and production trade. FREMONT, CA: Customer satisfaction is a top priority for any company, and nothing keeps a client happier than...

Supply Chain Getting a Digital Makeover
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Supply chain transformations require both the integration of technology as well as co-operation among various teams to enable a smooth exchange of information. FREMONT, CA: Supply chain is an integral part of any business that constitutes a...

High-Tech Video Discovery Platform Optimizing Publishing Processes, Boosting Customer Engagement
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Tech-integrated video discovery platform offers seamless user interface, enabling it to become a prior facility for publishing partners. FREMONT, CA: Primis, a video discovery platform collaborates with Sellers.JSON and supply chain...