MVP Textiles: Redefining Supply Chain Efficiency in The Textile Industry

Top 10 Supply Chain Services Companies - 2022

Supply chains are the lifeblood of most, if not all, businesses today. Keeping all supply chain components running as smoothly as possible ensures that your business can provide on-time delivery of products and services, especially with changing consumer demands and supply chain disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The flip side for retailers is learning how to cope with increased competition, supply chain uncertainty, higher delivery costs and shrinking margins – all while still trying to satisfy consumers’ desire for low prices, omnichannel delivery options and a smooth customer experience.

Inflationary trends are influencing the world economy and directly impacting supply chain and delivery operations. Rising fuel prices is a good example of direct supply chain disruption, as well as manpower shortages which have led to higher labor costs with lower productivity. This combination of less consumer spending, inflation and higher delivery costs are hitting retailers where it hurts most – in the bottom line.

While the old adage that the “customer is king” may still be true, retailers cannot ignore that the pandemic induced hyper growth phase of eCommerce has passed. Now that growth has slowed and margins are tight, many retailers find themselves guided by keeping a lid on costs rather than pleasing customers no matter the cost.

Today, retailers must take a good look at providing the best possible service while increasing operational efficiency. This has resulted in a shift of priorities when selecting delivery management platforms: from consumer experience and customer service, to cost optimization. Customer expectations increased significantly over the past few years, meaning retailers need to offer multiple delivery options including next day or even same day delivery, in-store pickup, remote and curb-side collection, and free parcel shipping to satisfy their customers. However, these different delivery options require more flexible fulfillment operations and inventory management – for example, ship from store (to get inventory closer to the customer) and supplier drop-ship fulfillment.

    Top Supply Chain Services Companies

  • Catering to the retail apparel, uniform, hospitality, and corporate wear markets, MVP Textiles works closely with its customers to collaborate on innovation, design, sourcing, and on-time delivery. The company handles all costs associated with production, including samples, testing, shipping, and analysis


  • Flash Global helps growing high-tech companies support their mission-critical products to fulfil challenging service contracts through superior service supply chain solutions. Flashdesigns and implements strategic solutionshelping customers toachievevisibility, scalability, and predictability, in theirservice supply chain. Through their customer account program, technology, and innovative solutions, Flash provides its clients with strategic risk management plans tailored to address the inherent threats embedded in their global service supply chain.Flash's suite of integrated services includes Service Logistics, Global Trade Management, Importer of Record/Exporter of Record Services, and Global Field Services which help accelerate revenue and achieve growth.


  • Inviscid Consulting applies supply chain science and industrial engineering principles and blends processes, people, inventory, facilities, equipment, material handling systems, and supply chain information technology (IT) to decrease operating costs and improve bottom lines for clients


  • Sourceability offers a comprehensive suite of forward-thinking digital tools and services to provide electronic component manufacturers with access to reliable market intelligence and enables engineering sourcing for product design and assembly requirements


  • The Supply Chain Project provides people, process support, training, and an advanced supply chain technology solution that can radically improve non-profit mission delivery capabilities in ways that allow them to divert a higher percentage of donated funds and volunteer time - back to creating impacts from their core missions


  • C.H. Robinson

    C.H. Robinson

    C.H. Robinson solves logistics problems for companies across the globe and across industries, from the simple to the most complex. Their global suite of services accelerates trade to seamlessly deliver the products and goods that drive the world’s economy

  • Derby Supply Chain Solutions

    Derby Supply Chain Solutions

    As a quality 3PL provider of services for assembly, packaging, warehousing and distribution, Derby Supply Chain Solutions takes pride in giving their customers the absolute best value for their investment in their services

  • Gaea Global Technologies

    Gaea Global Technologies

    Gaea is an Oracle Partner that provides consulting and enterprise solutions for supply chain and project portfolio management. Their goal is to leverage their deep product knowledge, extensive industry experience, and hands-on process expertise to consistently deliver successful solution implementations and business processes

  • Genpact


    With more than 20 years’ consulting experience, Genpact helps some of the world’s largest companies design, transform, and run their supply chains. Genpact brings consulting experience, technology expertise, and a broad partner network to supply chain management solutions. Their services span supply chain planning, global transportation and logistics, and after-sales services

  • Supply Chain Services

    Supply Chain Services

    Supply Chain Services is a leading provider of best-in-class customized data collection, barcoding, rugged mobile computing and wireless networking solutions. Their portfolio of barcode devices, services and support allows customers to reduce downtime and increase customer satisfaction