Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, November 18,2021

Feature of the Week

Every organization that wants to increase its reach to new heights needs to execute Freight Management and Logistics Management effectively  Read more
Companies applying improved material handling systems can cut labor costs, boost productivity, and enhance inventory accuracy.  Read more
That implies someone must analyse sales data and estimate demand in order to create a pipeline of suppliers capable of meeting demand at all times of the year.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Richard Gifford, Chief Information Officer, Wincanton plc [LON: WIN]  
As the supply chain evolves to become a more connected network, sharing accurate and timely information between partners will also be a vital component for achieving success.  Read more
By Angela Yochem, Global CIO, BDP International  
BDP International is a global logistics services company with over 200 offices worldwide in 140 countries.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Kevin Snyder, CIO  
AFS cover the entire shipping lifecycle with improved transparency and limited interference; delivering shipping costs reductions to companies in LTL, Parcel, Truckload, and Ocean logistics  Read more
By Gautam Prem Jain, Co-founder and CEO; Chitransh Sahai, Co-founder and Director; Mehul Katiyar, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer; Ayush Lodhi, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer  
GoComet enables organizations to adopt an AI-led data-driven approach to supply chain management and stay relevant amid fast-moving times  Read more
By Enrico Magagna, Business Development ManagerEnrico Magagna, Business Development Manager  
ECS SRL is an Italian company that realizesturnkey systems for industrial material handling and storage.The company recognized how challenges like poor energy conservation, undesired level of capital expenditure, and slow scalability were...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Tim Gagnon, Vice president of Analytics and Data Science at C.H. Robinson  
By Craig Moughler, Senior Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer, Valvoline  
If implemented properly, some of the tools available today can help support day-to-day execution,...  Read more