Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, March 19,2020

Feature of the Week

Blockchain is anticipated to be increasingly leveraged by stakeholders across logistics and transport to deliver more precision and liability in administering and tracking documentation and assets across the supply chain process.  Read more
According to a study, it was found that about 27 percent of accidents involving one truck and passenger vehicle were rooted in brake problems, which is more than those caused by speeding and driver fatigue combined.  Read more
Inventory software enables a business to get the most out of its shipping operations, facilitating the firm to expand without tormenting about warehouse, inventory, and supply chain issues along the way.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Joshua Schank, CIO, Los Angeles Metro  
Los Angeles County is the nation’s most populous with 10.1 million people and has the world’s 19th largest economy.  Read more
By Kirk Serjeantson, CIO, Dicom Transportation Group  
The flexibility realized by the smart4 mobility program has been exceptional and the team is excited about the future possibilities as smartphone technology evolves.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Yannick Lefevre, The Head of Global Account Management  
Avantida, an E2Open company, is a global online platform that facilitates services offered by ocean lines to transport and logistic companies for digitally optimized container transport planning. The company's reuse and repositioning applications...  Read more
By Ivan Ladan, Co-Founder and CEO  
Marine Digital, a technology startup based in Latvia, delivers process automation solutions for terminals and warehouses, starting from cloud-bases electronic queue of trucks for 49 Euros per month to customized yard management systems (YMS),...  Read more
By Jevgenij Polonis, CEO  
GoRamp, a SaaS-based transportation management system, is built specifically for manufacturing companies to help them manage and optimize their end-to-end transportation processes and exchange information in real-time. With the help of GoRamp,...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Bradley R. Brandt, Aviation Director, Fleet Management, Office of Multimodal Commerce  
Unmanned Aerial Systems or more commonly referred to as (UAS), have the potential to impact...  Read more
By Erik van Wunnik, Director Product Development, DSV - Global Transport and Logistics [CPH: DSV]  
The world of technology is fast and furious and leaves nobody behind. So...  Read more