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Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, November 14,2019

Feature of the Week

The logistics industry is expanding and the players are focusing on the digitization of the lending process of micro loans generating more income.  Read more
One of the significant benefits that transportation scheduling software is intending for with a digitally adaptive approach is ease of integration along with other solutions. The strategy helps organizations to be prepared for a foreseeable  Read more
Automation and the Internet of Things imply that the process complexity often found across definite points of logistics operations can now be streamlined for efficient operations  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Mario Harik, CIO, XPO Logistics, Inc. [XPO (NYSE)]  
In the age of e-commerce, consumers have more choice than ever.  Read more
By Kirk Serjeantson, CIO, Dicom Transportation Group  
Moving away from standard industrial devices has increased productivity and user satisfaction while significantly reducing costs.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Jacob Sampson, VP of Sales and Marketing  
Encompass Technologies’ comprehensive RAS helps over 600 beverage distribution warehouses increase operational efficiency and manage growth effectively. The customizable system is specifically built for the beverage distribution industry and...  Read more
By Hannah Testani, COO  
Intelligent Audit (IA) provides shippers with the necessary technology and tools to leverage their data and ship smarter. IA has helped thousands of customers across all industry verticals uncover opportunities for significant cost reduction...  Read more
By Chris Jackson, President  
Founded in 1987, Savant Software is headquartered in Peoria, Arizona. The company is a supply chain solution provider for modern warehouses. Savant Software builds and applies the state-of-the-art solutions for the supply chain. The company...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Nick Vyas, Executive Director, the USC Marshall Center for Global Supply Chain Management  
In the next decade and beyond, supply chain is likely to grow even more connected, transparent, and...  Read more
By Jim Keppler, Vice President, Integrated Supply Chain & Quality of Whirlpool Corporation  
As we implement our manufacturing strategy, it is important that I4.0 technologies are introduced in...  Read more