Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Friday, January 15,2021

Feature of the Week

Blockchain is a common concept of a time-stamped collection of immutable data records maintained by a collection of computers not controlled by any single entity.  Read more
Companies are currently facing a good number of challenges when they speak about the great logistics market. There are various factors behind it, including the lack of metrics and ways to track freight bills.  Read more
It is no surprise that the logistics sector is evolving, and sooner a time would come when the segment would depend on data for executing the business operation  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Angela Yochem, Global CIO, BDP International  
BDP International is a global logistics services company with over 200 offices worldwide in 140 countries.  Read more
By Kirk Serjeantson, CIO, Dicom Transportation Group  
Moving away from standard industrial devices has increased productivity and user satisfaction while significantly reducing costs.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Hannah Testani, COO  
Intelligent Audit (IA) provides shippers with the necessary technology and tools to leverage their data and ship smarter. IA has helped thousands of customers across all industry verticals uncover opportunities for significant cost reduction...  Read more
By Edward Aguiar, CEO & CTO  
Techdinamics is specialized logistics and integrated supply chain management solutions provider. In a world dominated by cookie-cutter solutions, Techdinamics is the partner organizations need to achieve a smarter integration process that can...  Read more
By Josh Halgrimson, President  
Supply Chain Solutions Corp (SCS) establishes client KPIs that are important to them and in turn, manages those expected KPIs and establishes an internal SOP process. The company then carries out physical network analysis and information network...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Sam Shah, Director of Digital Development, NHS England  
Healthcare does have impressive data sets, if used correctly these could also help drive a digital...  Read more
By David Broering, SVP, NFI Industries  
Supply chains have become increasingly complex and require more consistent manipulation and ongoing...  Read more