360 Logistics: Empowering Online Stores to Make Faster Deliveries

Gustav Jebsen, CEO, 360 LogisticsGustav Jebsen, CEO
The COVID-19 pandemic has left many retailers scrambling to serve customers through various e-commerce platforms effectively. Consumers' shopping preferences have evolved; on-time and accurate deliveries are the main areas of focus for online retailers. In addition, consumers expect to be able to shop seven days a week and have items delivered on their doorsteps the same day, a major challenge for retailers who have built their logistics on operations five days a week with long lead times and early cut-offs. Consequently, the demand for third-party logistics (3PL) has increased. Catering to this need is Oslo-based 360 Logistics, a third-party logistics supplier for online stores, specialised on small e-commerce goods. “Our automation and efficiency routines are tailor-made for small products such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and apparel and allow us to meet market leading SLA-requirements, even during volume peaks,” says Gustav Jebsen, CEO at 360 Logistics.

The company delivers the Nordic markets fastest and most precise logistic services with 5,000 square meters of fully automated fulfilment warehouse in the middle of Oslo. 360 Logistics central location is an advantage in terms of late cut-offs, as an increasing number of online retailers have warehouses outside of the city.

360 Logistics meets the expectations and requirements of the most ambitious online retailers. “We provide a broad range of services to our customers, including software and integration, inbound goods handling, picking and packing, inventory management, sameday delivery, shipping and discounted packaging materials, industry-leading customer support, access to reports, swift return handling, and more,” adds Gustav.

These services brings end customers closer to retailers and enable a new, greener, more time and cost-efficient method of shopping that has not previously been available on such a scale for Norwegian consumers and online stores. With an in-depth understanding of the market requirements, the company has purchased automation equipment such as AutoStore, automated packing machines, automated parcel sorting, and dimension scanning to fulfil its clients' logistics requirements.

With its range of digital solutions, the entire logistics process runs seamlessly, ensuring that customers have a complete overview of the inventory. The company also has a warehouse management system integrated into the most common ERPs and online web shop platforms used in the Nordic market, proving to be an add-on for its clients. "We don't require any software to onboard a client, we are already preintegrated, and can onboard a new client within days after the contract is signed. Our strategy is to lower the threshold for running a profitable online store by making market leading logistics services widely available,” adds Gustav. 360 Logistics automated services give its clients access to market leading logistics and enables them to optimise their business and scale. One company in specific to have benefited significantly from their association with 360 Logistics is Apotera, Norway's second-largest online pharmacy. Apotera has worked with 360 Logistics from their establishment in 2020, and has since then experienced rapid growth in their business. The company was awarded “online store of the year” in 2021. Such collaborations will be critical in the future to strengthen e-commerce in Norway.

  • 360 Logistics' mission is to provide their customers a definitive competitive advantage through their market-leading logistics services

This is just one of the many success stories scripted by 360 Logistics over theyears. Despite the pandemic disrupting business across all industries, 360 Logistics had over a million parcels pass through their facility in Oslo in 2021, which marked a big milestone for the company last year. In the future, the company will focus on building micro fulfilment centers, distributed inventory, and an out-ofcity warehouse location to support their multi-warehouse strategy.
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360 Logistics

360 Logistics


Gustav Jebsen, CEO and Michael Hansson, CCO, TrymAass, CFO, and Nicolai Holtmon, Operation Manager.

Oslo-based 360 Logistics is a total supplier of third-party logistics for online stores. From its automated fulfillment center in the middle of Oslo, the company delivers the markets fastest and most precise logistics services, for businesses to concentrate on the growth of their online store. 360 Logistics puts the customer and the customer's needs first, and goes all the way to provide the best service for their company and customers. The firm ensures control and efficiency at all levels, so that outsourcing client’s warehouse is safe and easy