3Gtms: Innovative Transportation Solutions Supporting Todays Logistics Professional

The needs of transportation professionals have evolved significantly over the past 20 years. The Transportation Management Software (TMS) industry is now in its third generation. Present day transportation professionals require a system that addresses the complete transportation order lifecycle providing high customer service levels that actually achieve freight cost savings all in a dynamic business model. A single platform that can cover the complete transportation lifecycle and address the industry’s needs successfully is the need of the hour. Enter 3Gtms— headquartered in Shelton, CT, the company develops software that simplifies transportation management complexities for shippers, brokers and 3PLs. “We are providing a TMS built on today’s technology to address current transportation needs,” begins Mitchell Weseley, Founder and CEO, 3Gtms.

We develop software that simplifies transportation management complexities for shippers and 3PLs

The company provides a unified, single software system that easily manages inbound and outbound, both brokerage and managed freight, fast, secure and easy to use. Weseley conveys that, “in this age of empowerment, the recent trend in the logistics landscape is the importance of creating self-sufficient operations for organizations.” 3Gtms provides enterprises with a TMS that allows them to onboard new customers, carriers, trading partners, design new workflows even entire web portals and custom operational screens—all without calling the vender, or waiting for a custom modification. The company’s TMS suite enables organizations to integrate solutions easily and empowers enterprises to analyze their transport operations with maximum cost efficiency. 3Gtms’s software seamlessly manages the complete transportation lifecycle including: rating, routing, multi-stop and pool points, tendering, tracking, tracing, and settlement. The company’s flagship product 3G-TM helps organizations by provides transportation planning and execution for better shipping decisions and harnessing new opportunities.

The company has been empowering logistics professionals to successfully

Mitchell Weseley, Founder and CEO, 3Gtms, IncMitchell Weseley, Founder and CEO
tackle their transportation challenges by using the 3G-TM platform. In one such instance, Corporate Traffic Logistics, a logistic service provider, was facing an issue with their rating process that was manual and extremely time consuming. The firm needed to, in a timely manner, request sufficient quotes that reflect the true cost and guarantee the best rate. As a result, they knocked on the doors of 3Gtms to assist them in migrating to a rating and execution solution that could be used on a daily basis. 3G-TM gave Corporate Traffic Logistics access to the actual rates of a large number of carriers and strengthened their ability to expand, all within the same system.

3Gtms differentiates itself by providing TMS that is designed and built by a team holding a vast experience in the transportation and logistics industry. “We draw on our extensive transportation and technology knowledge base to create products that truly improve the way our customers do business,” notes Weseley. 3Gtms has developed an innovative product development outlook that consists of three principles. “The first principle is building an architecture that serves as a foundation supporting core functionalities of the product that inherently delivers necessary capabilities but allows for expansion and flexibility,” explains Weseley. “The second principle is delivering the product on a platform in a better and easier way to increase efficiency and customer self-sufficiency. Finally, 3Gtms ensures that the product caters to today’s ever changing needs and achieves 100 percent client satisfaction.”

Supported by years of experience and commitment to producing superior results, 3Gtms will continue to remain focused on innovation to improve the logistics industry. “We plan to look for expansion opportunities that will help us develop and build a competitive advantage for the company and its customers,” concludes Weseley.