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Michael Romano, CEO, Bastian SolutionsMichael Romano, CEO Material handling is a crucial lynchpin of the supply chain system. It includes the movement, protection, storage, and control of material and products throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, consumption, and disposal. The advent of new technology in the supply chain space promotes the accuracy, increases productivity and efficiency of material handling systems. Consequently the supply chain is witnessing a paradigm shift in innovation like never before.

Leading this innovation is Bastian Solutions, an independent material handling system integrator providing automated solutions for distribution, manufacturing, and order fulfillment centers worldwide. It is one of the leading material handling company the past seven decades. Founded in 1952, the company has grown from a Midwest company into a global corporation with offices expanding from the U.S. to India, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico. Elgan Stark founded the E.C. Stark Company (later known as Bastian Solutions) after World War II when he witnessed an opportunity to create a business to give the soldiers employment. The company provided material handling equipment, including casters, wheels, and handcarts, to manufacturing facilities. Later, the company was purchased by Bill Bastian Sr. from Mr. Stark in 1967. Seven decades since inception, the company continues to help its clients and improve its supply chain operations.

Solutions Offered by the Company

Bastian Solutions combines best-in-class material handling equipment and supply chain software to create a turnkey system that helps our clients increase productivity and reduce operational costs. We offer solutions across four primary spectrum – Industry, Function, Service, and Technology. The company emphasizes providing the client an advantage over the competitors by designing and delivering world-class distribution and production solutions.

Industry: The company provides solutions to a diverse range of industries, including — Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Goods, E-commerce, Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Retail & Apparel, and Wholesale B2B. The aerospace industry often works with the most recent machinery and technology to propel innovation. The company develops tailored approaches to review current processes, from material handling to whole unit aviation part logistics and domestic and global shipping. Big engine manufacturers use Bastian's designed custom equipment. The team at Bastian Solutions is not afraid to apply creativity to meet aircraft manufacturing client's needs. The company has provided its solutions to big aircraft manufacturers like Boeing and Rolls Royce.

Function: For any manufacturing unit, the material handling functions reflect the efficiency and working speed of warehouse operation, which results in compressed completion cycles. If any one area of your plant lagging, it affects the entire process. No material handling organization would take such a significant risk which ultimately cost them millions and precious time. The experienced team of engineers at Bastian Solutions will analyze the cause and provide a solution. We apply leading technology that will result in a higher Return of Investment (ROI). The company offers solutions to a broad spectrum to achieve optimal system functionality.

Service: With the rise of e-commerce industries, the distribution environment changes with an increase in customer demand, the conventional distribution center is fading out. In its place, Bastian Solutions provide its client with optimized space, accommodate more product, reduce labor cost, minimal errors, help them to automate the whole material handling process for smarter, faster, and better operations. The company provides services to its client via – Consulting and Design, Project Execution, Supply Chain Software, Industrial Robotics, Custom Automation, and Customer Service and Support.

Technology: Digitalization has changed the way society functions. The advent of technology has changed the way businesses operate.

A new industrial revolution drives the world to merge physical, digital, and virtual worlds through emerging technologies. Unlike every other sector supply chain also witnessed the paradigm shift. Bastian Solutions keeps updated its client with the current technological trend to stay ahead with innovative solutions. Some of the Bastian Solutions helped its client to increase shipping accuracy and attain efficiency with sortation systems.

Each Project Is Exclusive. Just Because A Customer Competes Within The Same Industry As Another Doesn't Suggest The Two Need An Equivalent—Or Even An Identical—Solutions. What We Do Brings Engineering and Creativity Together

Customized Solutions Driving Client Satisfaction

The most significant success that drives the company is client engagement. The company has vast experience providing automated material handling systems for over 8,000 active customers around the globe. Material handling has changed since the inception of automation and robotics in the market. Every single client of Bastian Solution has different needs. Greg Connor, Vice President of Eastern U.S. at Bastian Solutions, said, "Each project is exclusive. Just because a customer competes within the same industry as another doesn't suggest the two need an equivalent—or even an identical—solutions. What we do brings engineering and creativity together."

The Bastian Solutions consultant learns about its client business, takes a measurement, and applies analytical solutions to meet client demands. To refer to a success story, a leading sports apparel distributor partnered with Bastian Solutions to select, design, and implement an AutoStore goods-to-person system to consolidate and improve order fulfillment operations at its third-party logistics site. The result achieved by the sports apparel was profitable. The facility handles about 200 e-commerce lines per hour per operator and 700 wholesale units per hour per operator. That is two-three times the amount the e-commerce managed previously. The e-commerce company also achieves same-day shipping on all orders and can handle the peak season volumes.

In another instance, Bastian Solutions helped its automotive client to increase productivity through custom automation based on proven design and engineering. Previously, the client's maximum time consumption in photographing the vehicles. The client approached Bastian Solutions to photograph a 360˚ view of each car quickly. The company came up with a custom, low-profile turntable that reduces the photography cycle time by 35 minutes to 10 minutes per vehicle. The entire package encompasses easy-to-use controls, a control panel, and wireless remote operations. The box is combined with the photography equipment to auto-take the photos at predetermined intervals. With the reduction in photography time, the dealer can now quickly add more vehicles to his website.

Extensive Innovative Research & Development

Innovative new technology has driven the logistics and supply chain arena since the '90s.

In the early '50s, the entire logistic research focused on using mechanization to improve the material handling process relying on intensive labor capability. The invention of the computer has changed the whole logistic domain. The higher executives in management were smart enough to realize the change and acquired ASAP Automation, added supply chain software services. It's not an easy task for an organization to drive on the path of technology-enabled material handling. Still, Bastian Solutions is an old player when it comes to lead innovation in the arena of supply chain management.
  • The Most Significant Success That Drives Our Company Is Client Engagement. We Have Vast Experience in Providing Automated Material Handling Systems for Over 8,000 Active Customers around the Globe

Research and development (R&D) require a lot of money, skilled personnel, time, and energy. The company has a separate R&D unit that focuses on the evolution of new technology in material handling. The company seems committed to serving its clients with state-of-the-art technological solutions, speaking about some of their innovative technology solutions.

Fleet Director Software: The company has developed software that eliminates waste and gains efficiencies within operations. The software named 'Exacta Maestro' is a fleet direction application that adds a layer of intelligence to optimize autonomous vehicle systems in the supply chain. The software optimizes the assignment of prioritized 'Tasks' to eligible vehicle agents to complete all the assigned works effectively, with maximum automation and minimal labor requirement within the operation

Augmented Reality (AR): A global network has emerged in which people and their environment and machines can communicate continuously. The company believes AR could be an excellent fit for them in the evolving material handling domain where the demand is rising due to its variety. Short response time leads to the market of the smart material handling system. The company's latest AR technology combines the very best of vision- and voice-guided picking to produce a faster, hands-free solution for manufacturing sectors. The solution uses smart glasses to merge virtual images and information with an operator's surrounding environment. Wearing the drinks, the operator follows a command and scans products barcode all within the glasses' display. The combination of real-world and virtual information provides speed and accuracy in tracking the inventory in real-time.

Employee-Centric Approach to a Greater Tomorrow

"The growth of our company is facilitated by our tremendous supplier network and our incredibly committed and passionate employees. There is no doubt our growth would really not be possible without our customers pushing us to develop new and better methods to urge their goods to plug.

Bastian Solutions is like home to its employees, and the company has grown in length over seven decades. The company cares about its employees and customers, which is why it became a leading material handling provider. The company follows the motto, "If it rolls, we sell it.”

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