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Andrew Kirkwood, CEO, BluJay SolutionsAndrew Kirkwood, CEO
In the current business world, the supply chain has become increasingly complex. In such a scenario, it has become daunting for companies to manage their entire supply chain with spreadsheets and phone calls. They need a robust, always-available transportation management system (TMS) that not only handles the orchestration of multiple freight modes domestically and internationally but also optimizes activity in a way that reduces costs and meets delivery targets. Catering to this need is BluJay Solutions that offers modern TMS solution and services to replace the traditional supply chain and logistics with innovative technologies and strategies.

BluJay’s TMS solution is one of the industry’s first single instance, multi-tenant, cloud-based platforms that provides its users a competitive advantage. The benefits include enhanced functionality, deployment models, and a comprehensive, pre-integrated network of supply chain partners. Further, clients get access to a multitude of global trade capabilities such as customs management and product classification quickly due to BluJay’s global trade network of more than 40,000 carriers and supply chain partners.

Offered as a SaaS platform, the company’s TMS facilitates clients with real-time data analytics and visibility across the transportation network. The company’s proven and advanced technologies scale with its clients’ business. The comprehensive and intelligent workflow built into the solution allows clients to effectively handle deadlines, milestones, date constraints, and customer priorities.

With one workflow for transportation planning, execution, settlement, and procurement, this TMS delivers increased efficiency and reduced spend. It assists clients in continuously improving their service delivery through software upgrades. BluJay’s end-to-end holistic approach to transportation management and its TMS ensure greater visibility across the entire transportation network. The enhanced value offered by BluJay saves 5-10 percent of clients’ freight spend in the first year of the TMS implementation.

A case in point, one of the world’s most respected car brands was aiming to design and deploy a new TMS that could serve as the backbone of its vehicle distribution network. It was looking to have a solution for planning, optimizing, and tracking of shipments from its four factories and dealerships spread worldwide. The cloud-based architecture of BluJay’s TMS allowed the client to meet its aggressive timeline and have a new TMS fully deployed within five months without experiencing any disruption to its supply chain. Since then, the client has experienced substantial cost savings and a significant improvement in performance, with dealerships reporting just a fraction of the issues compared to when it relied on legacy tools to handle its supply chain and logistics needs.

What makes BluJay stand out in the market is its employees. The company has a team of seasoned professionals committed to providing a best-in-class customer experience. Hiring the best talent is the top priority for BluJay. By providing the necessary training and tools to fill their knowledge gaps, the company ensures its employees emerge as the biggest value generator for its clients.

Recently, BluJay announced the release of BluJay Global Trade Network (GTN) portfolio version 19.2. The latest software updates deliver enhanced features to help companies eliminate friction in their supply chains and manage logistics, compliance, and commerce worldwide. Moving forward, team BluJay focuses on developing purpose-built technology that helps clients create a high-performing supply chain. It is also planning to make significant strides toward powering a frictionless supply chain experience for shippers, brokers, forwarders, carriers, and others in the logistics industry.

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BluJay Solutions

Holland, MI

Andrew Kirkwood, CEO

BluJay Solution is regarded as one of the best companies in logistics and transportation software and services. BluJay Global Trade Network, allows customers to unlock the power of more than 40,000 universally connected partners. The company serves many industries like fashion retailers, restaurants, logistics service providers, chemical manufacturers, and others. The solutions provided by the company are Transportation GTN, Compliance GTN, Warehouse GTN, Network GTN, LaaS GTN, and Commerce GTN. BluJay is successfully serving the customers with 24x7 support plans, diagnostic tools, self-service knowledge base, online incident submission and tracking, and regional support