BoldIQ: Optimized Scheduling for the On-Demand Economy

Roei Ganzarski, President & CEO , BoldIQRoei Ganzarski, President & CEO
In the world of on-demand economy where changes and disruptions are a norm, companies are constantly facing a multitude of challenges as they seek to better serve the market despite limited availability of resources. Companies are on a constant quest for an intelligent solution that helps them make effective, informative decisions in planning and scheduling their resources in real-time. Bellevue, WA-based BoldIQ provides such a solution, helping companies utilize their resources, including people and assets, effectively and efficiently to align with the dynamic nature of their business. The company has built a real-time optimization engine, Solver, to help organizations create actionable plans and schedules for the optimal use of resources. “With Solver, clients can make intelligent, holistic operational and customer-facing decisions in real-time, all the time,” asserts Roei Ganzarski, President and CEO of BoldIQ. “This allows companies to provide improved and additional services, with fewer resources, which is critical for sustained success in the on-demand world.”

The BoldIQ Solver uses comprehensive data about customer resources as well as business and operational rules and regulations. Based on this data, Solver allows users to configure plans and schedules for their resources quickly. For instance, if a taxi company encounters last-minute customer requests and has a limited number of vehicles, Solver can launch a new, optimized plan and schedule in real time. Alternatively, if an aircraft suddenly breaks down before a flight, Solver can run in real-time, offering the airline recovery options so passengers can still get to their destinations on time. In addition, the engine also provides multiple alternate plans that are feasible for day-to-day operations.

With Solver, clients can make intelligent holistic operational and customer-facing decisions in real-time, all the time

“Our high-performance engine supports clients in tackling real-world constraints by providing them complete control and understanding of their resources,” says Ganzarski. Moreover, the engine can be embedded into existing scheduling solutions, without requiring a complex software change by the customer. The engine streamlines resource scheduling without requiring significant changes to the existing IT infrastructure.

Driving the planning and scheduling optimization engine, are BoldIQ’s proprietary set of algorithms that automate most computations to streamline the processes. Further, the company provides users with the necessary APIs which contain a set of pre- and post-processing modules that support adjustable logic for constraint modification and makes better use of hardware for parallel processing. Available as a SaaS offering, the engine has been charting many success stories in industries such as aviation, ground transportation, and mobile workforce.

Companies using Solver can create robust disruption recovery plans. For instance, one of their clients, a large international airline that operates a significant number of aircraft with thousands of associated crew, was facing a number of challenges in ongoing operations. The challenges included resource limitations such as shortage of aircraft and crew, changing schedules, demanding staff requirements, stringent regulatory and operational constraints, aircraft maintenance, and changing weather. Leveraging BoldIQ’s unique real-time optimization engine, the airline was able to free up 5 percent of existing aircraft and pilots enabling sustained growth while taking all operational, financial, regulatory, and environmental aspects into account.

Similarly, an on-demand delivery company serving markets across the United States was able to reduce delivery resources by 11 percent while increasing the number of deliveries by 7 percent.