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Randy Stephenson, CEO, Camelot 3PL SoftwareRandy Stephenson, CEO
It is a daunting task to meet the ever-changing demands of different warehousing clients in the logistics industry, even for the best players in the market. To mitigate such problems, Charlotte, NC, based Camelot 3PL Software; designed third-party logistics warehouse management software for the growing number of third-party logistics warehouses—with both Cloud (SaaS) and on-premise options. Their software solutions also hem in transportation management (TMS), accounting and CRM. “We started Camelot in 1984 and designed, sold and supported various business software solutions. We built an excellent team to handle those duties for the third party logistics industry we now specialize in,” says Randy Stephenson, CEO.

Before the advent of third-party logistics warehouse management and business management systems, it was an uphill task for enterprises to deliver informative, interactive training for staff. Implementing solutions provided by Camelot ensures that the clients can benefit from the raft of services that it offers—be it for training, consulting services or implementation of solutions. Professional consultants with years of experience assist in implementing turn-key solutions for new system deployments. The trained software engineers design and develop system enhancements on an ad-hoc basis to meet soaring demands.

Camelot’s solutions are all based on a new system with a personalized learning management system (LMS).

The firm’s warehouse management software provides an integrated suite of applications, built within Microsoft Dynamics NAV to plan, manage, and execute world-class public warehouse operations. The business management system (BMS) comprises of a full suite of business applications to oversee the strategic planning and implementation of solutions.

Camelot 3PL’s solutions are all based on a new system with a personalized learning management system (LMS)

Camelot’s Excalibur TMS offers powerful, real-time tools and features to improve transportation execution at reduced costs, higher productivity, and higher levels of customer service. Its highly configurable solutions are compatible with small, medium and enterprise-level warehouse businesses. Over the years Camelot has served the Hazmat, cold storage, e-commerce, and dry storage industries, along with retail fulfillment, and traditional pallet in/pallet out warehouses. The firm has been a leader since its inception in streamlining operations, reducing costs and ramping up services. Camelot is a Certified Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner that is licensed to offer productivity tools and enhancements for the third-party logistics providers all across the globe.

Camelot has worked with clients like Vimeo that specialize in building tools and platforms that create sell and share videos online. The firm has resources that bring to bear in many software solutions that Vimeo lacks. Such is the efficacy of the solutions provided by the company. Camelot’s software was developed from a standard business development language (COBOL) into a Dynamics NAV development platform. Its software has been widely used by organizations all across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Camelot’s solutions are exclusively based on feature sets and can cut down costs incurred by companies. It also helps reduce the amount of time required to complete tasks, allowing enterprises to expand simultaneously as the system grows, generating hassle-free outputs faster.