Command Alkon: The Supply Chain 'Heavy' Lifters

Phil Ramsey, President and CEO, Command AlkonPhil Ramsey, President and CEO
CIOs across the construction sector look forward to obtaining accurate, real-time, and actionable information derived through their supply chain trading partners to help run businesses better; and the entire process of acquiring such information begins with getting data to the cloud. Once in the cloud, relevant information can be presented via applications, or can be interfaced with other systems using APIs.

However, having data in the cloud is just the beginning. Considering the demands of the supply chain and logistics arena, it is imperative that data flows match the material flows across buyers, sellers, and haulers, driving greater expectations around a fleet management solution’s scalability, flexibility, and interoperability. “We are addressing these issues via our platform strategy, where we have already built a robust community of bulk material producers, suppliers, and haulers, and are rapidly extending that further into the contractor universe,” says Phil Ramsey, the president and CEO of Command Alkon.

The company is one of the prominent software and technology innovators for the Heavy Building Materials supply chain in construction, from bulk material suppliers, producers, and haulers through to heavy civil contractors, mega-project owners, and state DOTs. Command Alkon’s dispatch products, combined with its TrackIt GPS/ telematics capabilities, are making the Amazon experience a reality where the clients are provided with end-to-end digital experiences. No wonder that companies leveraging Command Alkon’s proven industry-specific product portfolio are gaining double-digit percentage growth in performance.

Command Alkon also brings a flexible, fully customizable solution— TrackIt—to track fleets and address specific needs of businesses, including in-cab time and attendance functionality. It helps to recapture lost time in the yard, enabling clients to drive efficient fleets and improve profitability.

TrackIt uses GPS truck tracking and telematics equipment to provide a constant view of the location of the entire fleet. The information gathered with TrackIt can be used to improve a driver’s performance by discovering areas for improvement, such as breaking at a restaurant on the approved route or taking too long to clock in/out.

The TrackIt Turn-Key service offering removes hardware risk by replacing failures at no charge to the customer while also eliminating large, upfront CapEx costs. The service offers a new ruggedized tablet device with replaceable batteries and fully functional and reliable engine interface. Clients with requirements for robust engine diagnostics also benefit from the TrackIt Turn-Key service. “The new Engine Data Connection (EDC) device comes as an optional solution along with a specialized software stack and can provide customers with more reliable, and more engine data than has ever been available,” mentions Ramsey. The combination of the EDC device with the software allows fleet owners and operators to easily capture and transfer the engine diagnostic data from their trucks.

Further, top-tier companies are also enhancing their fleet management capabilities with Command Alkon’s Dispatch Optimization Engine, COMMANDoptimize. “Dispatch decisions are complex as a plethora of variables, such as planning and re-planning, are at play. The human brain can only process about 50 variables at once. COMMANDoptimize juggles millions of facts and recommends a decision to save time and dollars while keeping buyers happy,” mentions Ramsey.

Having carved a unique niche in the Heavy Building Materials supply chain in the construction space, Command Alkon has recently positioned itself as a platform for the building and construction community to collaborate on projects to maximize efficiency and enhance communication through visibility, process automation, and simplification.

“We have taken steps to brand more clearly as a software and technology company, while also accentuating our supply chain prowess in heavy building materials,” says Ramsey. “As our growth continues to accelerate, we seek to hire top talent, investing significantly in improving the software and services, and are continuously looking for ways to provide the customers with the best experience possible,” he concludes.

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Command Alkon

Birmingham, AL

Phil Ramsey, President and CEO

Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, and with over 40 years of experience, Command Alkon believes in building a fantasy world. As a supplier collaboration platform for construction’s extensive work, Command Alkon dramatically improves how contractors, bulk material suppliers, logistics providers, Jobsite inspectors, project owners, and more interactive. The company works together and grows together capabilities deliver increased productivity, real-time visibility, keen business insights, and certainty of outcomes when building things that matter. The Command Alkon team, along with the software and technology, has empowered customers to achieve higher levels of quality and profitability across their projects and operations