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Jim Hickman, President and CEO, Compcare ServicesJim Hickman, President and CEO
When it comes to tracking the movement of containerized goods, shippers need more than just “hope” to make sure that their boxes make it to the distribution center on time. Visibility then plays a very crucial role in today’s intermodal transportation environment, and trucking companies need a proactive approach towards managing their operations amidst increasing competition and cost. As a company that has been providing comprehensive operations management software solutions to trucking and logistics companies for more than three decades, Compcare Services has achieved the status of “intermodal trucking software specialist.” The company is a renowned name in the industry— assisting carriers with their total management of logistical operations—known for its commitment to quality of service and support.

Compcare’s customer-first approach to its solution delivery is what keeps the company ahead of the curve amidst new market entrants, increasing customer expectations, and progressive business models. “98 percent of our business comes from customer referrals, and you cannot maintain a referral base like this if you are not providing proper service and support,” asserts Jim Hickman, President, and CEO of Compcare Services. The company’s primary software niche in the intermodal space includes everything from port, rail, open deck, out of gauge, ISO tank, Cross Border, 3PL/Brokerage and over-the-road drayage. Compcare’s fully integrated intermodal trucking software package, VIntermodal, enhances carrier efficiency and drives down operating costs. In order to drive wider profits, the software merges order entry, dispatch, invoicing, settlements, document imaging, and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and API modules into a single, customized and streamlined system. The orders are first entered into a system, then pushed seamlessly through dispatch into settlements and invoicing, to create a detailed load history that enables users to make well-informed decisions.

Whenever we get an opportunity to enhance our solutions, we capitalize on that latest technology to deliver on our promise of greater revenue and lower operating costs

VIntermodal Manager allows companies to manage their logistical operations in its entirety, as Hickman explains, “Our solution is a complete back-office and operational system that runs the entire company in terms of managing the order dispatch functions, invoicing, driver’s settlements pay, and mobile solutions.”

Moreover, Compcare’s VIntermodal Manager takes care of the overall efficiency during fleet management and provides dispatchers with the information they need to make timely and informed decisions for route optimization while reducing processing time. The company has its own, in-house full-time programming staff, offering full service consulting and custom development solutions. “Whenever we get an opportunity to enhance our solutions, we capitalize on that latest technology to deliver on our promise of greater revenue and lower operating costs. Our consultative approach allows us to tailor software according to client’s business needs, improve their operation and service, and ultimately impact the bottom line,” states Hickman.

In addition to TMS (Transportation Management Systems) for trucking companies, Compcare offers a 3PL (Third-party logistics) product for the brokers. One of its recent data products enable the 3PL brokers to communicate directly with the truck drivers. The product receives feedback from the drivers to the 3PL broker and the actual trucking company dispatching the driver in real-time through the mobile app.

Unlike most software companies that charge a fee on annual updates, programming, and enhancement separately, Compcare provides them all under its support maintenance agreement. With support offices located on the east coast, the midwest and the west coast, the company is able to provide 24/7 support services to its clients. “We have a great relationship with ports such as the Long Beach Container Terminal (LBCT)—offering APIs to their TMS systems—and with intermodal marketing companies, brokers and steamship lines. It allows us to directly integrate our systems with their customers’ systems to improve communication and streamline workflow,” explains Hickman.

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Compcare Services

Long Beach, CA

Jim Hickman, President and CEO

Compcare Services’ VIntermodal TMS flagship product is a complete back-office and operational system that manages order dispatch, invoicing, settlements, and mobile solutions. Document imaging, EDI and API, and dispatch optimization modules are all merged into a single, customized and streamlined system to provide container visibility, boost efficiencies, and drive wider profits