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The logistics landscape has changed drastically—we can see drones to unmanned mobile robots ruling the supply chain arena. With the introduction of 3D printing and artificial intelligence, the future of logistics holds the promise of becoming completely unique and self-orchestrated. Logistics Tech Outlook magazine stands out due to its peer-to-peer learning approach, offering professionals the most widespread collection of technology trends. Logistics Tech Outlook is determined to provide a myriad of additional services that can develop organizations and assist customers deal with issues related to the industry.

Logistics has adopted IoT and data-analytics, like no other industry, to anticipate delivery procedures by utilizing user behavior information and cargo availability at particular zip codes. Logistics Tech Outlook has become a driving force for various transportation companies, enabling them to move a step ahead and increase their ROI by offering them a platform which can help them better understand the industry dynamics and advise the course of action.

We have contributors from the most established logistics and transportation organizations that present their viewpoint using our print and digital platform. With advice from industry experts, contributory articles from organizational leaders on technology trends, and professional articles written by our in-house team on various solution providers, we can proudly say Logistics Tech Outlook has become a one-of-a-kind magazine. Today, Logistics Tech Outlook has a longer shelf life than other magazines because it offers a plethora of articles not restricted by time or trends.

We are always looking for industry leaders to share their experiences, wisdom and advice with our readership.

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