CORAX by Davanti: A Robust WMS Born in the Cloud

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Piet Eenkhoorn, Managing Director, CORAX by DavantiPiet Eenkhoorn, Managing Director
Davanti Warehousing – a specialist in warehouse logistics– portrays a long and profound history in the sector with a comprehensive suite of solutions for the warehouse industry. Incepted in the nineties, the company witnessed various trends and transformed those trends into its state of the art warehouse management systems (WMS) to drive vast changes in the market. Davanti leveraged its years of experience and thorough understanding of clients’ business processes into creating software solutions that support their operations., Davanti has expertise dealing with the largest and most demanding clients, despite not being the largest WMS provider; for instance, Davanti is an independent member of the NewCold Group, and the company’s portfolio of comprehensive WMS is at the heart of every NewCold warehouse.

“Following Simon Sinek; our clients don’t buy what we do; they buy why we do it. We are passionate about logistics and making complex things easy,” states Piet Eenkhoorn, Managing Director of Davanti. The company’s comprehension of the industry led to the inception of two cutting-edge WMS: MLS Premium for the enterprise market and CORAX, the online, scalable WMS. MLS Premium, which was developed during the company’s early stages, was far ahead of other systems at the time. Although MLS Premium was a comprehensive solution, Davanti took a bold leap forward and developed CORAX–a next-generation SaaS WMS that incorporates the latest warehouse management technology.

CORAX WMS is not a standalone solution; after its implementation, it becomes a meaningful part of an end-to-end supply chain. Davanti takes a data-centric approach, with data collection, storage, and retrieval serving as the cornerstone of the CORAX framework, making integrations with other systems a breeze. CORAX uses the acquired data for fuelling its intuitive algorithms and machine learning to optimize a client’s ‘put away’ strategy, storage (ABC), and packing strategy, inevitably leading to minimized labour requirements.

The intelligent WMS comprehends the importance of efficiently utilising resources and people, and its flexible subscriptions are based on the modules that a client uses rather than on expensive annual licences.

The CORAX solution allows clients to access the WMS from anywhere. It significantly reduces the need for them to be onsite by presenting all relevant operational information, including stock and storage locations in real-time. CORAX can also make judgments on the go, and priorities are set and changed dynamically, ensuring that the most critical activities are always served first.

The solution includes several real-time standard reports like stock snapshots, recall reporting, and many more, generated through a powerful BI from its data warehouse. CORAX also includes an in-house developed Material Flow Control System (MFCS, or WCS), encompassing a standard set of messages that support a wide range of mechanization devices in the warehouse industry. Davanti is transforming the cloud application into an open architecture using APIs as the next step in improving CORAX, allowing clients to scale the platform.

For extensive EDI interfaces with E12, AS2, and other protocols, the CORAX WMS comes with its own integration platform based on Microsoft Biztalk. In addition to all of these choices, traditional integration techniques such as XML, CSV, and standard JSONs are also featured in the solution, enabling clients to experience a seamless installation. Exemplifying the swift integration of CORAX is the instance in which Davanti assisted P&O Ferrymasters–a pan-European specialist in transport, logistics, and supply chain. The client needed a low-threshold WMS that could be implemented fast and can scale with their operations when they constructed two new warehouses in Rotterdam Europort and the United Kingdom. Owing to the SaaS nature of CORAX, it was a perfect fit for the client’s requirements. CORAX consultants created a warehouse blueprint–an inventory of logistical flows and how to structure them in CORAX. Following that, an implementation plan was made, and its team began working in parallel with the client. Interestingly, from creating the initial blueprint to the final golive of the solution, its installation in the Dutch warehouse took only two months.

  • I think we are really different. Following Simon Sinek; our clients don’t buy what we do; they buy why we do it. We are passionate about logistics and making complex things easy.

Owing to continuous communication about the developments in the market with the company’s stakeholders, Davanti anticipates and takes advantage of the ongoing evolution in the landscape and further improves its solution. As a nimble company, it has total control over its software development process and acts quickly when new trends arise. Along with its prolific offerings, Davanti has a complete understanding of the marketplace, as well as the pride and tenacity of its staff to serve a client.
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CORAX by Davanti

CORAX by Davanti

Breda, the Netherlands

Piet Eenkhoorn, Managing Director

CORAX SaaS WMS is thé inteligent Warehouse Management System. It's flexible, easy to use and has free, regular updates. Take control of the inbound, storage and outbound of your warehouse. CORAX at a glance: - Quick start, Easy to Use, No IT Knowledge needed, Microsoft technologies, Easy to connect, Web & App. CORAX SaaS is used for Bulk picking, Consolidation,Stock counts, Manual stock movemens, Orderpicking, Goods received, Optimizations, like put away, top up and clean up orders,Shipments, VAL activities