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Seth Taylor, the EVP of Operations at DCS, Designed Conveyor Systems (DCS)Seth Taylor, the EVP of Operations at DCS
More than ever, industry leaders today are working openly with their suppliers and partners to overcome the recent strains on the supply chain. The massive increases in e-commerce fulfillment and parcel distribution demands have resulted in the need for material handling systems outpacing the industry’s ability to supply them. The capacity of solutions, consultants, equipment manufacturers, systems integrators, and installation subcontractors has been exceeded, and the challenge gets worse with each passing day. Enter Designed Conveyor Systems (DCS)—a material handling, full-scale warehouse operations and conveyor design solutions provider.

DCS has been successfully offsetting these challenges with supply chain adjustments. JIT (Just in Time) manufacturing— while being efficient and cost-effective—only works when supply can meet demand. The company has made use of typical slower manufacturing periods within the year by working with clients to pre-build entire systems, as well as many common system components and warehousing them. The cost of warehousing is far less than costs resulting from not performing critical projects. DCS has also developed partnerships with other suppliers and subcontractors to ensure the availability of products and services.

The core principle of DCS’s solutioning methodology is to never enter any client engagement with preconceived notions about the solution. Said more simply, DCS never comes in “knowing the answers.” “Every client is unique. Their challenges are even more so. Deep and meaningful engagement is required to understand clients’ business requirements before solutioning ever begins,” says Seth Taylor, the EVP of Operations at DCS.

Once understanding has been achieved, DCS’s methodology combines decades of industry experience with limitless creativity to explore all possible alternative solutions against the clients’ business guardrails. With all these components at work, the company creates the best possible solution.

After a solution is built, further collaboration must occur at all customer levels from the boardroom to the distribution center f loor. DCS works with all the client teams to build buy-in and to ensure that they understand how they will be affected by the system enhancements. “DCS’ mission is to deliver the best customer and employee experience in the industry. This is the only bar we use to measure whether we are in the top position,” mentions Taylor.

With the expedited shift in consumer demand toward the e-commerce channels during the pandemic, DCS is supporting client efforts to retrofit their entire networks to accommodate increased e-commerce fulfillment and distribution. The company has designed systems to handle larger products that would not previously have been purchased online. They have also developed rapidly deployable, pop-up systems to meet temporary, localized increases in volume demands. All of these advancements are in various phases of implementation. Further, DCS is in the process of developing system solutions with AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) and other easily deployable/re-deployable assets.

DCS Leadership has recently begun discussing strategies to take on a more global footprint. Early plans surround the consultative support of its core clients as they expand their networks around the world. However, the company’s immediate future revolves around growth in the continental U.S. While the company’s home office has been in the Franklin, TN area for 40 years, its workforce has become increasingly geographically diverse over the last three years. “Our employees, similar to our projects, now span the entire U.S. Our processes and our use of technologies have allowed us to excel regardless of location,” mentions Taylor. With the entire company remote, DCS delivered on all its customer promises while doubling its revenue. Physically speaking, DCS’s design allows for continued growth in the U.S. without any brick-and-mortar footprint expansion. “We are people who love what we do and whom we do it with and believe in sharing our good fortune with the communities in which we reside,” concludes Taylor.

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Designed Conveyor Systems (DCS)

Franklin, TN

Seth Taylor, the EVP of Operations at DCS

DCS was founded in 1982, and has grown to serve major clients in multiple industries by providing material handling, full-scale warehouse operations and conveyor design solutions that are custom crafted for their need