DOA Information Technologies Inc.: Creating Optimized Logistics Solutions for Dynamic Clientele

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ÖzkanDoğaner, Owner, DOA Information Technologies Inc.ÖzkanDoğaner, Owner
Since 2007, DOA Information Technologies Inc. has been a trusted name in the logistics space, providing state-of-the-art solutions that streamline and optimize clients’ various freight operations. Its ability to leverage bleeding-edge technologies to develop logistics solutions has positioned it at the forefront of changing the status quo in the industry.

Their flagship solution, Lojisoft, was released in 2014. Lojisoft is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product that brings a world of difference in the logistics space—a sector often challenged by its dynamic nature, product diversity, and increasing customer demand.

“Lojisoft’s core competency lies in its parametric and customizable structure,” says ÖzkanDoğaner, owner of DOA Information Technologies Inc..

Designed with a modular architecture, Lojisoft can be easily tailored to clients’ varying freight management needs, making it a go-to solution for many global clients. Modules in the Lojisoft software include domestic land freight, international road transport, air cargo, marine forwarder, rail freight. The system also performs warehouse management, customer management, fleet management, container management, and national cargo management. Each module can work independently or with multiple modules according to client needs, providing the best experience possible. Operational breakdowns under the basic modules can also be easily shaped according to clients’ operations, customers, branches, and department diversities.

To that end, DOA Information Technologies Inc.’s analytics team can facilitate basic customizations to Lojisoft, as opposed to high-cost developers. They work closely with the client’s team to gain a holistic view of their business operations, challenges, and objectives. Based on these insights, the analytics team configures the software by incorporating necessary parameters to bring success to clients. This is ideal, as they can quickly and affordably get up and running with the solution. They often get to experience the feel and benefits of having an on-premise application while using Lojisoft.

DOA Information Technologies Inc. is committed to offering the best freight management experience with Lojisoft, and delivers diverse integration services. This includes driver-courier mobile applications, vehicle tracking systems, integration with fuel companies and foreign intermediary institutions, B2B Web Portal integrations, Acounting Programs and ERP integrations, route and load optimizations, and integration with warehouse management systems. These add value to clients’ operations by empowering them to solve various challenges in the logistics industry. For example, with Lojisoft software, they can easily track their freight, be it domestic land, international ground, rail freight, air or marine freight. Coupled with its customized reporting capabilities, the solution helps clients make informed decisions to enhance their operational efficiency and drive greater ROI.

In recent years, Lojisoft has helped many clients track and reduce their fuel consumption. This is also the result of its parametric routing capabilities, where clients can quickly create optimal routes by leveraging the solution’s route engine.

Our offering’s core competency lies in its parametric and customizable structure

The Lojisoft software also allows logistics companies to seamlessly integrate with their customers. To this end, DOA Information Technologies Inc. offers a secondary portal or a smaller version of Lojisoft to empower clients and their customers in using the solution and integrating it with their existing systems. Illustrating Lojisoft’s value proposition in helping clients integrate with their customers is its recent collaboration with one of the largest logistics companies in Turkey. They were struggling to interact with a prominent customer, which weighed down their operational excellence at scale. Before Lojisoft, they were using a third-party logistics solution and spent over two months to establish a strong integration with their customer. When DOA Information Technologies Inc. came onboard and deployed its Lojisoft software, the client could meet their requirements within two weeks. Needless to say, Lojisoft provided the necessary integrations they were looking for, helping them foster a better relationship with their customer.

It comes as no surprise then, that more than 280 corporate clients across 18 different countries trust Lojisoft. With powerful SaaS capabilities, together with its modular structure and integration services, Lojisoft remains unabated as a leader in the logistics industry, solving current challenges and preparing for future issues.

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DOA Information Technologies Inc.

DOA Information Technologies Inc.

İstanbul, Ataşehir

ÖzkanDoğaner, Owner

Lojisoft is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, well-designed and crafted to build a world of difference in the logistics space that is often challenged by its dynamic nature, product diversity, and increasing customer demand. It can be easily tailored to clients’ varying freight management needs, making it a go-to solution for a broad range of global clients