GreenMile: Real-Time Route Optimization and Visibility

Ronald Barcellos, Co-Founder & CEO, GreenMileRonald Barcellos, Co-Founder & CEO
During his decade-long stint as a logistics consultant, Ronald Barcellos extensively worked with companies in the logistics sector and understood that greater visibility into the performance of mobile resources was paramount. Oftentimes, drivers’ route deviations went untraced and resulted in higher expenses and lower efficiency. With a strong drive to bridge this visibility gap, Barcellos co-founded GreenMile with a team of experts, who lent the company a combined experience of over 70 years in lastmile distribution processes. Today, GreenMile has carved a niche for itself in in route execution & optimization and has become the leader in the verticals it serves. “The ability to track route execution performance in real time, by combining route plan, stop delivery and telematics data in one single cloud-based platform is a huge differentiator for us,” mentions Barcellos, co-founder and CEO, GreenMile.

GreenMile is a leading cloud-based platform and mobile solutions company providing location-based software to manage mobile resources. Highly configurable in nature, the platform-agnostic GreenMile Suite can be easily customized to suit different markets like food and beverage, retail, LPG or healthcare. “GreenMile’s robust APIs allow our clients to connect our technology with any system of their choice,” states Barcellos. The machine learning components built into the GreenMile Suite analyze field data such as order delivery information, customer and driver behavior which can be fed back to the route planning solution to improve the quality and accuracy of their planning process.

GreenMile Live, the suite’s central component, is an information repository that centralizes in real time all the data pertaining to route plans, vehicle data and telematics, along with delivery and payments data, for efficient mobile resource management. Citing an example from the beverage sector, Barcellos says that drivers can confirm the arrival/ departure along with capturing signatures and photos of their deliveries through the GreenMile Driver application.

The ability to track route execution performance in real time, by combining route plan, stop delivery and telematics data in one single cloud-based platform is a huge differentiator for us

Once a delivery has been completed, an automated alert can be sent directly to a sales representative’s mobile device through the GreenMile Sales app, providing the rep real-time visibility of the customer’s delivery. Additionally, a completed delivery can also notify a merchandiser through the GreenMile Merchandiser app, allowing them to better manage their workloads by knowing which accounts are ready to be merchandised during the delivery day. “GreenMile not only helps operations managers to monitor all the activities across different teams but helps them integrate different operations and be more effective,” states Barcellos.

GreenMile customers also receive high-quality professional services that include technical support, software implementation and project management. Quick and effective implementation of the software solution is a hallmark of GreenMile. The company’s Process and Operational Excellence Review (P.R.O.E.R) consulting program was designed to create business processes and best practices for effective last mile distribution, and has been immensely popular with companies like Coca-Cola and Praxair.

GreenMile has always been very responsive to clients. “The company’s GreenMile Suite is not just another off-the-shelf product, but one that has been continuously evolving to address the changing needs our clients,” says Barcellos. He adds that over 70 percent of the company’s roadmap is still based on client feedback for the features GreenMile develops, and is a huge differentiator for their company.

GreenMile has several initiatives in the pipeline for the future. The company is investing heavily in machine learning and business intelligence, enhancing and simplifying data interpretation. “We are building capabilities to instantly deliver insights and hasten the decision-making process,” concludes Barcellos.