GreyOrange: AI Powered Advanced Robotics Solutions

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Samay Kohli, CEO , GreyOrangeSamay Kohli, CEO
The supply-chain market is drawing immense benefits by embracing advanced robotics technology. Automated robotics processes come to play by automating the entire supply chain from end to end. Not only does that help take control of individual tasks, but also enables different sections to be managed in tandem. To assist enterprises to leverage advanced robotic technology, GreyOrange, a multinational technology company started designing, manufacturing and deploying advanced robotics systems for supply chain automation in distribution and fulfillment centers. The company juxtaposes enterprise software with expertise in industrial hardware to deliver AI-powered robotics solutions across different industries to double up on efficacy.

GreyOrange also specializes in sortation systems like linear sorters, cross belt sorters, and put-to-light. It works closely with businesses to surmise their needs and optimize the supply chain to enhance process efficiency. To mitigate the challenges faced by enterprises due to unprecedented growth, increased pressure to cut operational costs, and the volatility brought about by peak periods, GreyOrange came up with a portfolio of AI-powered solutions. These solutions aim at reducing complexities and bringing about maximum productivity starting from inventory management and picking, to sortation. Their f lagship products include Butler, an advanced autonomous mobile robot that functions as goods-to-person for inventory storage, picking and order consolidation. Linear Sorter is their second f lagship product; it refers to a modular system for automating sorting processes.

These exclusive f lagship products have been deployed in customer sites in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Alongside advanced robotics systems for supply chain automation, GreyOrange also provides operator training and management training to assess superior maintenance and basic troubleshooting.

The GreyOrange modular system has been designed specifically for f lexibility and portability. It comprises modular components that deliver higher throughput per unit area. That, in turn, improves space utilization and reduces operating costs. It is an additional benefit to implement AI-enabled robotic systems as they can be scaled accordingly to make the investment worthwhile. Ever since its inception in 2011, GreyOrange has ref lected its brilliance by delivering seamless output in less time for its clients. The firm has worked with clients like Flipkart, Nitori ( Japan), Myntra, Jabong and Pepperfry; and 3PL (third-party logistics) such as XPO Logistics, Aramex, DTDC and Kerry Logistics (Hong Kong).

GreyOrange has made its mark as a leader in next-gen automation for supply chains and continues to expand its host of solutions to bring about desired results for customers. 3PL/E-Commerce/Parcel Courier companies were baff led by the problem of growing pressure to boost the turnaround time for last mile delivery and increase operational expenditures on per-person productivity. To address these problems, GreyOrange offers higher throughput parcel sortation to ensure accuracy in profiling, leading to a reduction in waste and cost overheads. This resulted in considerable growth in workforce efficiency. The solution offered by GreyOrange ensured accuracy in profiling, leading to a reduction in waste and cost overheads. This resulted in considerable growth in workforce efficiency in less time.

The company is headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Japan, India, Germany and U.S. As a leading next-gen automation provider in supply chain, GreyOrange is committed to working with clients to help them overcome the various challenges by offering a software-centric approach so that they can adapt to the changing business needs, maintain appropriate levels of inventory and scale in a seamless manner.