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Kevin Zhang, Founder and CEO, InteluckKevin Zhang, Founder and CEO
Inteluck provides businesses in Southeast Asia with data-driven end-to-end logistics services. Inteluck's mission is to increase logistics efficiency by using technology and data, while also adding value to customers and providers. Inteluck offers several logistics platform services, including domestic FTL (full truckload) transportation, warehouse management, freight forwarding, cross-border transportation, and other specialized supply chain solutions. With offices in China and other locations, it is headquartered in Singapore and operates in other Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines and Thailand. Inteluck aims to unite talented and responsible people who are driven by data and technology to create the most efficient logistics world possible.

The company provides end-to-end solutions for land transportation, air and ocean freight, warehouse and storage, and logistic optimization. Inteluck's expertise in land transportation includes Full Truck Load, Less than Truck Load, and Inter-island Transportation. Any truck type, from closed van to open truck to tractor head, is available. Client shipments in significant quantities will be delivered using a specialized truck. FTL shipments get to their destination faster and with less handling; in addition, safety and security are observed and well-implemented. At the client's earliest convenience, the company can process the delivery and truck dispatch. Apart from bulk deliveries, Inteluck also handles less than truckload (LTL) deliveries. LTL is a cost-effective shipping option for small firms or small shipments. LTL is solely responsible for the expense of the portion of the shipment that was utilized or occupied. Big data from the company will be in charge of studying the route and potential shippers for share. Transactions are now easier and faster to execute. Inteluck's extensive network is the most comprehensive solution for inter-island transportation.

This type of service can now reach even more distant regions. As needed, proper handling and documentation will be taken care of. As the company provides door-to-door delivery, nationwide delivery can be outstretched.

In relation to warehouse and storage, Inteluck offers full-featured warehousing and storage to ensure efficient freight transactions and movement. Inteluck's facilities will help clients achieve a faster, more productive transportation and supply chain. The organization takes pride in its reputation for offering high-quality services for the safe handling and storage of customers' shipments.

Inteluck's customized solutions provide a seamless and comprehensive process from collection to delivery. Air and ocean transportation can be used to finish distribution operations. Customized solutions are given for each client's air and ocean freight requirements. The company has also handled Customs Clearance before. Inteluck offers clients a tailor-made logistics services solution. Depending on the needs of the client, goods or delivery might be carried by air or water. Inteluck's Logistics Team takes care of all import/export needs. The nature of the company is to provide a complete solution. Due to the company's flexibility, they can provide documentation that is thorough, correct, and timely, which is critical for international transportation. This ensures that international air and ocean freight deliveries arrive on time. Import/Export needs are also well executed by Inteluck’s Logistics Team.

  • Inteluck takes pride in its reputation for offering high-quality services for the safe handling and storage of customers’ shipments

Inteluck is also proud to offer solutions to first- and second-mile logistics companies. The company's workforce is knowledgeable about the logistics process, whether it's inbound or outgoing. This is accomplished through the use of data and the expertise of the company's staff, which helps their clients and partners. Inetluck's trucks are all outfitted with a cutting-edge Fleet Management solution. The company's platform provides access to real-time tracking, driver behavior, and location history records. Inteluck's customers can track their deliveries and feel safe with every transaction they make with the company.
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Kevin Zhang, Founder and CEO

Inteluck provides data-driven end to end logistics services to enterprises in Southeast Asia. The core of Inteluck is to maximize logistics efficiency by leveraging technology and data and creating value for both customers and vendors. Inteluck supports a variety of logistics platform services, including domestic FTL (full truckload) transportation, warehouse management, freight forwarding, cross border transportation and other bespoke supply chain services